MP Mansion



Here's another creation of Kit89. He choosed for a Mansion as his theme this time and the result is very nice. If you fancy sniping, this map won't be your favourite. If you fancy camping, you're going to like this one for sure ;) There are several gametypes supported, but DM will be the best gametype I think.

The map is set in a mansion somewhere on this world. It is very detailed and the interior is very good either.. The texturing has been done well and I can't criticize that. There are plenty of models too which makes the map very nice and detailed. The lightning has been done very good too. It is very hard to do it in a building, I can tell you that ;) It is not too dark or too bright in the map.

The gameplay of the map may get boring after a while. Sniping is almost impossible. Automatic weapons can be used now and then but the shotgun is by far the most useful weapon. Close and indoors combat, do you like it? Good! You'll enjoy this map. There is even a little secret in it.

Supported Gametypes: DM, TDM, CTF, ELIM, INF Maximum Players: 40



Title:			kits mansion
Description:		Based on a mansion theme. It has tones of rooms for use to play in. 			Mainly ment for close shotgun killing, it has tones of camping 				areas, so be careful when you open a door!
Author:			kit89
Email:			[email protected] 

Buildtime:		1 week or so
Compile Time:		10 minutes
Editor:			GTKRadiant
Map Known Bugs:		none
Gametype Known Bugs:	none
Secret:			secret room, with hidden suprise but only useful in dm & tdm
New Textures:		The outside wall
New Sounds:		yes
Compile Machine:	Athalon xp 2100 512 DDR 400, Ubuntu Linux

Players:		up to 40 total

Installation:		Install this file directly into BASE directory

Credits:		Thanks to SoFFiles.com for hosting this file :D

Permissions:		All original and composed textures or assets in this level remain property of the sources respective owners. You MAY distribute this ZIP, .pk3 in any not-for-profit electronic format as long as you contact me first.

***Warning ***
The author of this file accepts no responsibility for damage caused, regardless of its nature!

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