mtk420's ammo/fire rate mod



or fire rates of all weaponssocom: ammo is maxed and fire rate is extremely fastsniper:has full auto, fire rate increased to 2000 times regular and ammo is maxed knife: mele and throwing range are extremel accurate and will hit as far as you can throw them ammo=1000auto shottie: rate of fire is extremely fast and ammo is maxedpump shottie: only mod is that the ammo is maxedall nades: when u pick it up you get 55 of whatever it ism4: fire rate is increasedak74:rate of fire is increased and bayonette has range like the kniferpg7: ammo is maxedmm1: ammo is maxed and you may fire quicker than beforeuzi: ammo is maxed and accuracy is awesomem60:same as uzithis is my newer version of the ammo/weapon mod i will update all of these mods when i make a new 1 thanx for using me


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