N00b Cannon

n00b_cannon.zip —


This file is a skin for the USAS 12 and it also comes with new sounds for that gun too. This lets u and everyone esle who has it know that u are a noob. The sound coming form the gun says noob! LOL, u can have lots of fun, I bet, if u run this off a server.... Btw..before u donwload this, and just to remind u, it says "im Gay" on the side, hehe :D



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To install just put the pk3 in your Soldier of Fortune Double Helix/Base/MP
To uninstall simply just delete it from your Base/Mp

Developer name-Darkwolf
Clan Website-www.dadclan.cjb.net
[email protected]

This file contains two pk3s. The N00bcannonskin is a skin i made for the n00b cannon
(usas) and the N00bcannonsound is a sound i made for the usas that says n00b when it fires.
This is my first attempt at a sound/skin file so if you guys could comment about it in the 
comment section, that would be more than help. Thank You.

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