Here's a soundpack, made with the sounds from the popular movie "Napoleon Dynamite". This file should be nice for most of you. Go give it...


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Here's a soundpack, made with the sounds from the popular movie "Napoleon Dynamite". This file should be nice for most of you. Go give it a try!

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Download '' (4.07MB)

Napoleon Dynamite Soundpack for SOF2 (read-me file)

194 sound clips from the insanely popular movie Napoleon Dynamite!  From Napoleon's sighs to his yes'.... it has it all.  Includes sounds from Napoleon, Deb, Uncle Rico, Kip, La Fawnduh, Pedro and Rex (Rex Kwan Do lol).
Napoleon:	#250-#339
Deb:		#340-#351
Kip:		#352-#375
La Fawnduh:	#376-#378
Pedro:		#379-#403
Random:		#404-#405
Rex:		#406-#414
Rico:		#415-#444

A few bonus files are found inside the pk3 file but you'll have to search through it to find them.  One hint is that one is from Pedro and is quite long. Another is from Rico.... I'll let you search through it :).

This zip file includes the file _zNapoleon.pk3 and _zNapoleon.txt. Simply extract _zNapoleon.pk3 into your mod folder (rocmod for example) and join a server with this soundpack on it.  The txt file does not need to be extracted necessarily.  
If you are putting this soundpack on your server, be aware that it might overwrite your current sounds.  For instance, if you currently have sounds on #250 or higher, this soundpack will use the Napoleon sounds instead of your other soundpack. Don't worry about permanent overwriting though as you can just remove the napoleon soundpack from the server and your old soundpack will be fully usable again.  This issue originates from the voicecmd.cfg file that is attached with any soundpack as the creator has to manually type in # values for each sound file/clip.  This is probably to prevent a server from having more than one sound file/clip to play on each value.

As long as I get full credit for creating the soundpack, feel free to distribute or use it as you wish.  I do not take credit for creating the movie and subsequently the quotes/clips from the movie.  I only take credit for extracting the audio from the movie and assembling the soundpack. Also, if you decide to make your own soundpack from the clips/files in this soundpack, please give credit back to me. Thanks!

Contact Info:
You can contact me, Andy M., at these two places: "Mrlemonlame AT yahoo DOT com" or "Mrlemonlame AT aol DOT com".  
Please DO NOT Spam me!  If you have any questions or comments, I'll gladly reply unless I get bombarded with emails.  I doubt I'll be bombarded but in that case, please be patient and i'll try to get back to you asap.  Thanks and enjoy!

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