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This is the latest version of the Man Down mod which all of you must know by now.:) This mod adds many featrues that should have been part...


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This is the latest version of the Man Down mod which all of you must know by now.:) This mod adds many featrues that should have been part of the original SoF2 MP. Best of all, it is now compatible with the 1.03 Gold patch Below are a quick list of changes to the mod :-

removed secondary weapon outfitting slot moved M590 and M3A1 to primary slot moved Microuzi to sidearm slot made silencer an accessory to MP5, US Socom and MSG90A1 made m203 an accessory to M4 Assault added binoculars accessory added support for different first person hand skins added OSP style admin commands redid all menus adjusted sig kick angles and accuracy added female serverside hit model The new menus are roughly based on the layout of the RTCW menus.

**Using the inbuilt "mod" menu is not recommended**

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Download '' (9.57MB)

Man Down - 22/02/03

  1. Upgrade Soldier of Fortune II to version 1.03


  3. Unzip to your Soldier of Fortune II directory

  4. Run the included "mandown.bat" file or create a 
     shortcut to "sof2mp.exe" with the command line
     "+set fs_game mandown"

  **Using the inbuilt "mod" menu is not recommended**

Kris Rigby ([email protected])
	Author of Man Down.
	Other mods :

Raven Software (
	For making Soldier of Fortune 2 : Double Helix multi-player!!

id Software (
	For making the Quake III : Team Arena engine, apon which SoFII is based.

Ark ([email protected])
	Misc bot .wnt files, lots of new bot personalities,
	Original Man Down icon, console back & loading screen.

Dan Yung ([email protected])
	Lots of bot .wnt files

Myomojo ([email protected])
	MP5 firing sounds.

FRAGGER ([email protected] / )
	Original Glass1 HUD, female Rebel skin, female snow and LAPD skins.
	FRAGGER's site :

1RangeR1 ([email protected])
	Original Red & Blue team HUD's (became team_colour HUD)
	(available from

Special Thanks
* wyrdR for hooking me up with and help setting 
  up redirects, mail etc.. and being a bastard.
* BracK for help with the do$h, testing and nit-picking.
* zfz.recoil for running a test server, putting up with my shit 
  and denying himself sleep to hunt n' fix some nasty bugs.

* RTW Blackfly & CST Dennis for help in tracking / fixing bugs
  (especially prone issues) and setting up the test servers

* ZFZ, CHK, CST and RTW Clans for running test servers

* Apoxol (of Raven Software) for his quick responses and
  information on the Raven SoF2 forums.
* Everyone who ever joined the RTW or ZFZ test servers and put up
 with my annoying questions in the middle of a game!!

* ReverendTed ([email protected],
  for his help with gametypes, ent info, pimping and just being an all
  round nice guy - you da man.

* To everyone else who send emails of support and interest!

Changes - 22/02/2003
* fixed memory issue 
	Female hitmodel was causing it
	You need 64+ megaybytes of RAM to use it.

* slightly improved bot navigation
	Visibility check mainly. Should help them not to get stuck
	in big groups during a team game... 'help', not 'stop'

* added gender to session info
	Makes sure you get a skin based on your last gender after a map change.

* added shell casing impact sounds
	May remove and/or make into local ents to control
	amount of sounds and sound type based on texture type etc.

* changed handling of back packs
	If a gametypes backpack amount is 100 and pickups
	are disabled (Inf, Dem etc), touching a backpack
	will update your outfitting choices if they have changed.

* slightly changed prone / duck weapon offsets
	Unfortunately msg90a1 goes through screen when fired :(

* changed how maxammo is calc'd

* added 762mm Belt ammo for M60

* dropped weapons no longer include non-clip ammo

* changed item spawnflag 1 to 4
	Makes an item spawn suspended in the air

* added spawnflags 1 & 2 to items
	spawnflag 1 = RED TEAM ONLY
	spawnflag 2 = BLUE TEAM ONLY
* added spawnflag 8 for Backpacks
	Only spawn in a game when pickups are disabled

* created new CTF .ent files for mp_kam2, mp_col1, mp_col2 & mp_pra2
	Full pickup support, adjusted spawn points (when needed)
	and spawn area backpacks set to spawn areas team only.
* changed CTF slightly
	Game now resets after a successful capture. Should give a struggling 
	team a chance to reform and help stop tag-team style flag captures.

Changes - 15/02/2003
* fixed missing binocular sections

* fixed binoculars + prone

* adjusted sig kick angles and accuracy

* created new menus

* began sorting through player skins / teams

* fixed using admin strip command on players that are zoomed in

Changes - 10/02/2003
* set default g_pickupsDisabled setting to '1'

* converted readme.txt to standard DOS .txt

* names are now saved along with GUID in adminlist

* added female serverside hit model 

* added server option - g_femaleHitModel [0/1] (default 1)
	Use to disable/enable female serverside hit model
* added server option - g_femaleDamageModifier [1.0+] (default 1.0)
	Modifies damage done to someone using a female model if the 
	female serverside hitmodel is being used

* added server option - g_identEnemies 0-2 (default 2)
	Used to disable or limit the ability to identify enemies with crosshair
	0 = disable
	1 = enable
	2 = must hold over enemy for 1.5 secs

Changes - 01/02/2003
* fixed bug in \adm pause command that prevent joining game after unpause

* fixed spectator inactivity bug

* forced admin to save as soon as it has been updated
	- old method waited until level change

Changes - 31/01/2003
* added support for different first person hand skins
	- currently only new skins for snow, marine & finca exist
	(and the finca one sucks ass)

* fixed 'disconnect' symbol always appearing

* added /mandown/configs directory
	- adminlist, nameslist and wordlist .cfg files belong there now
	(Helps keep the /mandown directory neat)

* added cvars to define list .cfg's (g_adminConfig, g_nameConfig & g_wordConfig)

* added 'binoculars' to accesory slot

* changed handling of custom huds slightly
	- scope/full screen vision changes are handled separately
	Helps reduce hud_<###>.menu size and make it easier to update.
	Did this to add in binocular overlay.

* change out fitting menu
	- now only four slots and displays proper info

Changes - 19/01/2003
* removed g_sof2defaults option	- getting in the way
	Besides, anyone who wants to play regular SoF2 style can go player regular SoF2 :)

* removed secondary weapon outfitting slot

* removed g_secondary#### cvars

* changed CTF to CCTF style - there is no CTF & CCTF anymore

* removed elim2 - added 'noteamspawns' spawntogether option 
		(if no team spawns, spawn together at deathmatch spawn point) 
		- set base gametype to 'dm'
* fixed trigger_hurt + respawn area issue - trigger hurts are now reset during 
	half-time and/or not fired at all during warmup period

Changes - 17/01/2003
* fixed team deathmatch player spawn
	- now tries to spawn at gametype_player spawns BEFORE info_player_deathmatch
	so you can make team deathmatch maps with specific team spawns if you wish
	(ie. for Marko's team sniper idea)
* fixed right mouse button not working in menus

* changed how shotgun aim is calc'd
	- while jumping, shotgun aim will be off but spread will remain the same
* changed default ManDown item choices (may remove SoF2 defaults all together??)
	- can no longer select secondary weapon
	- m590, m3a1 and MP5 are now all primary weapons
	- microuzi is now in the 'pistol' class of weapons
	- MP5SD, M4/M203 Assault and Silenced MSG90A1 are no longer in the 
	primary weapon section but are given once you choose the right accessory
	- added two new accessories - silencer + M203 grenade launcher

* fixed team overlay / info client options
	- server is properly notified if client settings change
	- no longer tries to display crosshair info even if off

* improved bots 
	- they move a bit better
	- they shoot a lot better
	- they choose weapons a lot better etc
* added, err, other stuff?
	- Its commented/dated in the code - just got lazy about updating list
	I'll endevaur to do it next version

Copyright and Permissions:
You may not include or distribute this mod in any sort of commercial product without 
permission from the author.  You may not mass distribute this mod via any
non-internet means, including but not limited to, compact disks, and floppy disks
without permission from the author. In any case, you must include an unmodified version
of this file (readme.txt).

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