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Replace some of the MP voice commands with these :D


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Replace some of the MP voice commands with these :D

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Just a few files that I thru together for I do not take credit for compiling the sounds, just for putting them together for Sof2:
I am not responsible for possible  damage done to your computer or what this pak may cause. 

Warning ! Do not alter the Orginal Raven Pak Files!
If u do alter them you will not be able to play on Pure servers!

Just unzip the file with winzip to your base directory:

Example: C:\Program Files\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix\base 

Delete from your base directory.

You still will be able to play on pure servers with this pak! :)
How to use Example:

Pull down console:
most of the time its tilde key`
type in  vsay doh

the game will fill in "vsay_team doh"

Here are the new speech cmds
vsay_team AWWCRAP
vsay_team wazza
vsay_team HAHA
vsay_team Johnny
vsay_team OW
vsay_team Doomed
vsay_team Who?
vsay_team Doh
vsay_team Woohoo

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