Nzingha Skin Pack *SOFII*

210777-182950-Nzingha Skin Pack.zip


Greetings Soldier of Fortune II players! 

I'm going to be releasing dozens of skins I've made for the game. I've had SOF2 since around 2003, and didn't really learn how to mod and make skins until around 2012-13.

This upload features a character skin pack for a character named Nzingha; One of my star created characters from my YouTube Stop Motion Series "Dimension Tension".

If you have the modding experience, the skin files can be extracted from the .pk3 file, and used to make fun NPCs to spawn in the Single Player too, as seen in the screenshots!

Hope you enjoy



Name: Nzingha Bast
DOB: 8/6/2003
Codename: Leopardess
Places Lived In: Giza, Egypt - Long Beach, California
Affiliation: Member of S.L.A.E. (Storm Liberation and Espionage) Special Forces Squad.
Rank: Private First Class

First unzip the .zip file.

To Install: Place all .PK3 files in the mp folder, located in the Base folder of Soldier of Fortune II.

Author: Khaiman

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