This is the latest installment for the SoF2 version of OSP: 1.0L !! This version contains many enhancements & fixes (And especially for the...


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This is the latest installment for the SoF2 version of OSP: 1.0L !! This version contains many enhancements & fixes (And especially for the server crashing exploit in OSP: 1.0H).

The zip file contains all the client side files, Please make sure you read the "Readme" to see all the changes ;)


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Download 'osp_1.0l_client.zip' (1.01MB)

- chg: remove new netcode for production use
- fix: shaking viewangles
- fix: netcode, hitboxes


- fix: correct some prediction code problems with bogues extrapolations
- fix: correct leaning hitboxes
- fix: disable truePing by default
- fix: respawnInterval/respawnInvulnerability/truePing show up in the server settings (all-seeing eye etc)


- fix: cg_thirdperson wasn't displaying local entity with anticheat
- fix: improve display of changes to important cvars (respawninterval/respawninvulnerability/sv_cheats/etc)
- fix: lower the minimum for match requirements from 4 players to 2
- fix: sof2++ anm14 lasts 8 seconds instead of 45
- fix: crashes on filehandlers
- fix: newline output fixes
- fix: viewheight/POV was lower than expected, corrected back to default
- fix: anticheat code
- fix: leaning animations with pmove_fixed enabled 
- fix: osp scoreboard ping with truePing enabled
- fix: cl_timenudge doesn't make other players look “jerky” when you use a large negative value
- fix: cl_timenudge now works correctly
- fix: map restarts automatically unpause a game
- fix: fix timer bugs with pauses/unpauses
- fix: killing spree in DM shows odd numbers
- fix: improve antilag code slightly

- chg: cg_drawfps behavior to get a more accurate FPS count
- chg: remove smoothclients code to account for the new prediction code (it's all done serverside)

- add: logging for oversized command exploits
- add: add more output to /settings 
- add: improve logging of other commands slightly
- add: cvar to disable or enable displaying of killing sprees, defaults to 0
       - g_killingspree <0|1>

- add: imported parts of Unlagged2 (Neil Toronto)
	Optimization for player prediction, defaults to 1
	  - cg_optimizePrediction <0|1>
	Correction for “skipping” players
	Option to show more accurate pings, defaults to 1. This shows actual server<->client latency
	  - g_truePing <0|1>
	Cheat protected debugging for hitboxes added
          - cg_DrawBBox <0|1>
- add: Improve anticheat
- add: Fix serverside buffer overflow exploits
- fix: More accurate bullet tracing
- fix: improve antilag code by storing more frames so users with high pings benifit from it
- fix: some text messages weren't displaying correctly
- fix: some text messages were corrected
- chg: uncheat protect pmove_*
- chg: g_awards is now disabled by default, can be enabled with g_awards 1
- chg: improve clientside performance on large servers

- add: Some more anticheat stuff.
- fix: Server runs newer version message.

- add: osp_maxm203perteam default:2
	Limit the amount of players that get m203 nades with their m4. Set to a high
	value to disable
- add: Shotgun lean fix. For sof2++ / Sof2 Vanilla. Credits to KRIS
- add: Anti-Aimbot code. Will stop aimbots from locking onto players

- add: osp_realisticMode <0|1> (voteable)
       Truly real world damage, rules are:
       - grenades do double damage
       - bullets all do 95 damage when hitting arms,hands,feet,lower legs
       - bullets do 100 damage when hitting tighs,waist,chest,neck,head
       - bullets hitting the armor covered area of the body (chest,waist,tighs) 
         take a random amount of armor away from 0 to 99 and the rest is taken from
         health (M60 and MSG rifle are unnaffected by armor)
       - knockback is 25% of the default knockback
       Note: This is not meant as a replacement to the inconsistent sof2.wpn (usually
       in a pk3 file named zrest.pk3 or something) real damage package thats already 
       out there, this is a package for people who would like to play a faster paced game
       where everybody has a fair chance at scoring some kills. If you use the osp 
       realistic damage you can be 100% certain that no other modifications are being 
       used, like for instance making one weapon (the server admin's favorite?) deal 
       some extra damage...
- add: osp_realisticRespawnInt default:8 seconds
       since waiting in realistic mode happens alot more...       
- add: new toggleable command +stats (like +scores for scores) will show hit location 
       percentiles of where you hit the most, and where you've been hit the most
       Note: the hit location percentiles are also shown during the award ceremony       
- add: osp_enemyKillReport <0|1> (default: enabled, always disabled in g_doWarmup 2)
       will tell you the remaining health/armor of the player who just killed you
       (for public servers)
- add: bots are now enabled, you can do /addbot <botname>, I haven't touched the bot code
       at all so they're a little dumb in complex team gametypes, but they're ok in 
       Note: You need to get botfiles, since I don't have any and I don't want to step
       on anyone's toes, I recommend getting the ones from the Mandown mod, you'll get two 
       directories named botfiles and botroutes, you need to put them under the osp
       directory for bots to work
- add: balanceteams command/vote added, can be called from rcon or by a regular vote
       will balance teams by using players' kill/death ratio as the sorting value

- chg: removed default filter behavior on target_speakers that was removing all 
       target_speakers when using altmaps that replace sounds
- chg: moved most of the weapons data for sof2++ in the data/sof2++.wpn file so it can
       be modified
- chg: increased reach multiplier from 1.25 to 1.35 so melee hits are easier to do for
       osp_modversion 1 and 2
- chg: replaced most sprees award with best score   
- chg: callvote weapononly <weapon_num> (introduced in 1.0e, forgot to mention it!)
       play a round with only the selected weapon, type callvote weapononly ? to see what
       the weapon numbers are
- chg: updated docs about match_fastrestart cvar
- chg: sof2++ bumped up oicw damage from 35 to 40
- chg: bumped up silenced socom's innacuracy
- chg: sof2++ now gives 3 flashes
- chg: sof2++ anm14 lasts 45 seconds instead of 8
- chg: sof2++ lowered see-through distance with IR goggles
- chg: sof2++ lowered viewable distance with NV goggles

- fix: awards not always showing a winner even tho a winner there was
- fix: newbie award was including people who hadn't played enough
- fix: crosseyed award was including people who hadn't fired enough shots
- fix: backpack picked up when not needing it
- fix: additionnal security to make OSP ui panel behave correctly
- fix: sof2++ additionnal weapons hurting players in invulnerability time
- fix: adm callvote executing the previous passed vote when it passes
- fix: unsupported items in vanilla (i.e.: m67 grenade on mp_shop) from breaking
       the default sof2 client from loading
- fix: sprees not resetting when doing a team kill, and spree displaying in obituary when 
       at 0 and team killing       

- add: new individual scoring points in gametype vip
       killing someone who's hurt your vip in the last 5 seconds gives 3 points
       killing the vip gives 5 points
       vip killing enemy players gets 3 points
- chg: removed broken RD filters in the ingame browser, i recommend using All Seeing Eye!
- chg: sof2++ reduced see-through walls distance of thermals by 33% (from 600 to 400)
- fix: backpacks giving flash/fire/smoke nades in vanilla and osp++
- fix: fixed possible client exploit with goggles
- note: disabling weapons in sof2++ requires setting cvars that have sof2pp between disable
       and pickup, like so disable_sof2pp_pickup_weapon_***


- add: consolidated osp/osp++/sof2++ versions, they can be switched to with osp_modversion CVAR
       osp_modversion 0 -> vanilla sof2
       osp_modversion 1 -> osp++
       osp_modversion 2 -> sof2++
- add: osp_weaponsFile cvar which specifies the weapons file parsed, this will allow
       server admins that run weapons modification to quickly switch between files with
       just a quick map_restart
       i.e.: set osp_weaponsFile "ext_data/my_L33T_RealDamage_file.wpn" and then switch
       to regular damage mode by just typing /reset osp_weaponsFile
       Note: this will only work in regular OSP and OSP++ (not sof2++)
- add: killing spree system ... :D (a killing spree is 5 consecutive kills without dying)
- add: admin jail command (adm jail <id> <time>) where you can put someone in "jail" for a 
       determined amount of time or the default time (osp_defaultJailTime)
- add: vip gametype where each team respawns like in CTF and where the objective is to kill the
       other team's VIP, optionnaly VIPs can be female models (osp_femaleVIP)
- add: bad awards system (can be disabled by setting g_awards 2)
       Quitter award - most suicides
       Lemon award - most teamkills
       Newbie award - worst ratio
       Easy Target award - most deaths
       Crosseyed award - worst accuracy
       Spammer award - most shots fired
       Chatty b*tch - most chat messages
- add: new cvar osp_friendlyFireMultiplier, so you can reduce friendly fire 
       without removing it completely.
- add: new referee command cointoss throws a coin and tells result to everyone (to determine who
       starts first in matches for example)
- add: you can now load comp and pub configs through rcon (rcon comp & rcon pub)
- add: vip comp and pub configs
- add: new weaptoggle accessory for selecting 

- chg: new named configs usage /callvote comp CAL while playing CTF would try to load
       the file osp_ctf_comp.CAL.cfg, old style default configs still work when no name
       is specified
- chg: skill removed from awards, replaced with number of killing sprees
- chg: cheat protected pmove_fixed and pmove_msec       
- chg: added sound entity (target_speaker) to the altmap system, so you can now add sounds to
       your customized alt maps       
- chg: osp++ shotgun recovery time lowered to 500 from 800
- chg: osp++ shotgun inaccuracy lowered from 0.025 to 0.001
- chg: osp++ shotguns MUCHO better
- chg: osp++ usas inaccuracy lowered from 0.025 to 0.005
- chg: sof2++ slowed down the acceleration of the RPG
- chg: sof2++ oicw now has 4 explosive bullets that do 85 dmg on a 135 radius
- chg: sof2++ walking m60 inaccuracy upped to 0.5
- chg: sof2++ m60 running/leaning/jumping inaccuracy upped to 0.65
- chg: sof2++ mm1 now viable in MP, shoots bouncy timed grenades, clip size 3 with 1 extra clips
- chg: sof2++ rpg now viable in MP, shoots accelerating rocket, clip size 1 with no extra clips 
	(cannot fire while moving or leaning)
- chg: sof2++ new disable_sof2pp_* cvars for disabling weapons in sof2++
- chg: sof2++ changed IR and NV goggles to make them more useful
       - IR now sees further through walls, but is darker and sees less the environment
       - NV now highlights players like IR and at a greater distance
- fix: gametype voting bug 
- fix: smoke nade hurting players in osp++
- fix: friend token with client 0 printing "none" instead of client 0's name
- fix: enhanced award system font/text to be easier to look at
- fix: sof2++ changed weapon values on client so new weapons predict correctly
- fix: admin panel disabled when following someone not admin, same with ref and team
- fix: updated docs

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