OSP for SoF2



Q: What does OSP stand for?! A: Orange Smoothie Productions

Q: So, what is this "Orange Smoothie productions" mod?!?!? A: In short, OSP is a "competion" mod. It changes no core aspects of the game (like weapon characteristics, changes in the class structure, etc.), rather, it enhances what already is there in the basic game. In addition to more controls for organized match play, OSP adds extras for casual play, such as weapon/match stats, enhanced voice-overs, helpful UI controls, more client options, etc.



- add: added g_radarFix to /settings output
- fix: dont send ready-up message while motd is displayed
- fix: fixed locked and full team messages
- fix: names still colored after /ref ready or /callvote start_match
- fix: ghost players getting blacked out instead of cycled through the rest of their team
- fix: swapping default team names
- fix: ref speclock both teams wasnt working
- chg: match_swap will now try to do a hot restart, to prevent reloading of level after scorelimit or timelimit has been reached
- note: g_forcerespawn should be changed to 3 instead of 20, to prevent people from lying dead on the ground and watching the enemy around them, competition configs have been changed accordingly
- add: vote string now displays inactivity time so people know if the kick applies to an afk player
- chg: frags not logged during warmup any longer
- fix: g_voteKickBanTime wasnt being used

- fix: target, damaged and friend fixed

- fix: small problem with fixed shotgun not being fixed :)
- add: new cvar, g_teamTokensOnly, if turned on will only allow tokens in team say modes
- add: new chat tokens
  #I Current pistol
  #i Current pistol (short)
  #P Current primary weapon
  #p Current primary weapon (short)
  #S Current secondary weapon
  #s Current secondary weapon (short)
  #G Current grenades
  #g Current grenades (short)
  #e Current equipment
- fix: warmup tk not showing blood
- fix: talking ghosts and specs not showing *ghost* and *spec* tags  

- chg: added final touches to fixedshotgun, previous version had too high innacuracy
- fix: speclock now really speclocks, and doesnt send speclocked players to a dead player's POV anymore
- add: team settings are now saved through map changes and restarts
- add: new ref commands, added the team commands to the ref commands, so he can quickly set the teams up if they are inexperienced with OSP
- chg: ref can no longer spectate both teams if he is not invited (while speclocked) but an admin can, unless he does /adm suspend
- chg: players command now shows you if you're admin or ref in the listing
- fix: fixed some echo-ing of team commands
- fix: fixed the sound effect for locking teams
- add: enabled g_voiceTalkingGhosts cvar, if turned on ghosts and specs will be able to chat to live players
NOTE: this cvar defaults to 1 in regular Sof2 so it might be written down to your sof2mp.cfg, make sure to turn it off by setting it to 0
- add: callvote kick now prints the tk % of the kicked player next to his name in the vote string
- add: /settings command, now shows a list of server settings
- chg: g_friendlyFire, if you set it to 2, people will be able to TK during warmup
- chg: /players command now shows team the player is on (by the color of his name)
//looks too much like 1! :)

- fix: admin and ref settings security hole

- fix: session data now sticks between gametype changes (i.e.: admin sticks)
- chg: moved default voteable config files to the /configs directory
- fix: added changes from earlier versions to sample config file
- chg: moved speclocks.cfg to "data" dir
- fix: added carriage return after admin change console output
- fix: restart after pause now outputs "go" to console, for personnal logging

- fix: addadmin not working right away
- fix: extra commands security hole

- chg: changed g_adminfile to sv_adminfile, default filename is now "osp_admins.cfg"
- add: added sv_refereePassword (defaults to "none") permits users to become referees by typing /ref "password" in the console
- add: sv_extracommands default filename is "osp_extracommands.cfg", this file lists commands and cvars that admins can have access to through the /adm command, for example, if you're running PB and you want the admins to be able to ask for screenshots, you  just have to put the line "pb_sv_getss" in your extracommands.osp file, and then
admins can do /adm pb_sv_getss #

NOTE: the commands are case sensitive, so make sure you spell them out correctly

- chg: optimized the way admins are checked and loaded
- fix: fixed the "blue team" has defended briefcase error
- fix: ref commands not working for admins
- fix: paused warmup now pauses the warmup countdown
- chg: refined colors for colorcoded health and armor tokens

- fix: fixed say_teamnl
- fix: delayed admin check to prevent lag when there's alot of spectators watching
- chg: team change broadcasting now uses the team names if set
- fix: blue team name doesnt reset anymore
- fix: turning off radarfix in middle of game now resets the broadcasting

- fix: adm mute now works like it is supposed to
- add: team_maxplayers will determine how many players you can have on each team, a better
       way to limit the number of people playing then g_maxGameClients because you can't have
       teams with more players than half your server limit (for instance)
- add: g_radarFix, if turned on, you will always see your teammate's icons
       (might lag lower end systems because of extra processing, use for matches, or servers
       with less than 16 players)
- add: speclock for matches, specs will be moved outside the map looking down, unable to see 
       any of the players, useful when you dont want the other team's subs following your team
       or watching you in freefloat
- rem: removed OSP debugging, crash seems to have went away
- chg: g_dowarmup 2, now allows players to play some team deathmatch while they wait
       for everybody to be ready, old scoreboard-only setup is gone
       additionnaly the team counts on the HUD will display #ready/#onteam, and the names of the
       players who are not ready will be darkened on the scoreboard
- add: team commands, enabled when team_nocontrols is 0 (default 1)
       /tcmd ? (list team commands)
       /tcmd commands (same as ?)
       /tcmd info (gives info about the people on your team and other team settings)
       /tcmd name (sets your team name for gametype messages)
       /tcmd lock (lock your team so no one can join)
       /tcmd unlock (unlock your team)
       /tcmd speclock (lock your team from spectators, they won't be able to watch you play)
       /tcmd specunlock (unlock your team from spectators, spectating will be allowed)
       /tcmd specinvite #id (allow player with #id to spectate your team while it is speclocked)
       /tcmd specuninvite #id (uninvite player with #id)
       /tcmd timeout (pauses the game for match_timeoutlength seconds)
       /tcmd timein (abort a timeout)
- add: when starting a match in g_dowarmup 2, during the warmup, team names will be displayed
       in <red> vs <blue> fashion
- add: new options for /follow, can now /follow red to cycle only through reds, or /follow blue
       to cycle only through blue
- add: new admin command pause
       /adm pause (will pause the game!)
       /adm unpause (will resume the action)
- add: team cvars:

- fix: removed colored names, might crash server, not sure yet
- fix: removed anything that had to do with colored names
- add: added osp function debugging, will log to debug.log, if a crash occurs make sure 
       to mail it to [email protected]
- add: g_fixedShotgun, defaults to on (1), fixes accuracy bugs with raven shotgun       
- fix: fixed /ref allready so it works now
- chg: match_swap will not restart anymore, if you don't want to mapcycle you will need 
       to set sv_mapcycle &quot;none&quot;
- fix: match_swap and match_shuffle will not break the server anymore

- fix: fixed demolition, planting bomb close to round timelimit, now round extends
       until bomb is defused
- add: auto stats dump at end of round
- chg: intermission waits 10 seconds minimum instead of 5 seconds
- add: new callvote system, type /callvote ? in console to see a list of the available
       new votes:
       comp (load a set of hardcoded or server defined competition settings for the current gametype,
            create a file named osp_*_comp.cfg with the competitive settings you want, where * is the 
            gametype (ie: dm,inf...)
       pub  (load a set of hardcoded or server defined public settings for the current gametype)
            create a file named osp_*_pub.cfg with the public settings you want, where * is the gametype 
            (ie: dm,inf...)
       referee (give someone referee powers)
       unreferee (remove someone's referee privileges
       shuffleteams (shuffle the teams up)
       swapteams (swap the two teams)
- add: referee system, if allowed referees may now be voted in, they can set anything
       that voting allows, and they also have a few commands available (type /ref)
       /ref talk (talk to everyone on server)
       /ref allready (ready everyone for match to start)
- add: g_coloredTeamplayNames
       set to 0 for no colors
       set to 1 for restricted colors, based on your team color (ie no blue colors in name when on red team)
       set to 2 for unrestricted colors
- add: match cvars
       match_swap 1 : swaps teams once the scorelimit is reached (or timelimit)
- add: competitive match warmup
       g_doWarmup 2 : will show the scoreboard while the players ready up by clicking the attack button, or
       typing /ready in the console, once everybody is ready will switch to warmup and start match
- add: new admin command
       /adm suspend : suspends admin powers (ie: following other team) and commands, except another
       suspend which will reenable the powers, useful if an admin wants to play a competitive match
       /adm mute : mute a player so he cant chat anymore
- add: chat tokens, tokenize your chat strings by replacing special symbols with useful info
       #A : Current armor
       #a : Current armor with colorcoding
       #H : Current health       
       #h : Current health with colorcoding
       #D : Last player to hurt you
       #d : Last player to hurt you with his colored name
       #T : Last player you hurt
       #t : Last player you hurt with his colored name
       #F : Closest teammate
       #F : Closest teammate with colored name
       #l : Your current location
       note: chat tokens only work while you're playing and alive
- add: g_alternateSort, alternate sorting method for client scores, will show different value on scoreboard
       g_alternateSort 0 : default Sof2 score sorting
       g_alternateSort 1 : sort players by their kill/death ratio
       g_alternateSort 2 : sort players by kills per minute 

- add: motd through centerprinting 
       (made configurable with server_motd0 thru server_motd5)
       /motd in console to bring it back up
- add: /players command to list players on server, with id# and various info
- add: /stats # command, gives out detailed stats about yourself, or if a client id# 
       is specified, about that player
- add: /statsall gives a quick accuracy perc about everyone on the server, based on
       what weapons they are outfitted with (only for inf and elim)
- add: an alarm goes off to warn you when you're the last player alive on your team
- add: commands system for ingame help, type /? or /commands in console, or type
       /<ospcommand> ? to get help about that command
- add: basic admin system, the admin supersedes the referee
       access the admin commands by using the /adm command
       available admin commands are:
       /adm talk <msg>
       /adm chat <msg>
       /adm kick id# <reason>
       /adm ban id# time# <reason>
       /adm cancelvote
       /adm strike id#
       The server administrator can add admins by going ingame and doing /addadmin id#
       or remove them by doing /removeadmin id#, the admins are determined by their GUID
       keys, so it is essential that punkbuster be running. The admins are held in a text
       file specified by g_adminFile, which defaults to &quot;sof2.admins&quot;. You can edit this file
       to add or remove admins.
       NOTE: Admins can also spectate any player, while playing, make sure no admins are playing
       in official matches, thats what referees are for.
- add: g_spectatorInactivity, time in seconds someone can spectate before being booted off
       the server (useful for popular servers that are always full) defaults to off (0)
- add: vote_limit, number of votes someone can cast during a game, defaults to 3, set
       it to 0 to disable it
       vote_percent (default voting percentage needed to have a vote pass) defaults to 50%
- add: g_realGrenades, if turned on (1) will make grenades explose when their timer expires, like
       real grenades do, except for the AN-M14, which will still only explode when it touches the 

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