The file is a completely new model for the AK. There are no animations etc at the moment, But the author is planning on adding those in a later release of the file. Download it and leave your feedback.



----------AK74 to P90---------
----------By *FW* Sniperdragon------

Like the Title says, an AK74 to P90 skin, nothing much else to tell, except that its an ALPHA, which means you don't have any new animations,
No kickback from the weapon and no hands, just the plain gun itself, in the next few weeks or so i'm planning to add hands, animations etc.
At the moment, i also have sent in the skin to Thegoat, who will improve the skin for the gun itself much, thank you mate ;)

My e-mail is: Sniperdragon<at>Gmail<dot>Com

Installation instructions:
Just dump in SoF2/base/MP and mod folders, e.g the full path would be:
c:\program files\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix\base\MP
c:\program files\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix\Rocmod or OSP or RPM etc.

Legal things:
Do not copy or pretend it is yours, the Model is mine, and not yours, if you plan to use it in your mod, just credit me and notify me.
If you would like to add Animations or Hands, just e-mail me and ill send you everything you would need.
Also, if this stuff blows up your computer, not my fault, use at own risk blah blah Try this at home, and not at school.

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