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What’s this I hear you say? Uber 2? But the first one only came out last week. Well all I can say is that Pharao_FS and Marko have been very...


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What’s this I hear you say? Uber 2? But the first one only came out last week. Well all I can say is that Pharao_FS and Marko have been very busy making more maps. This pack has been slightly delayed, but is here now. It adds a Vietnam map and a Desert map to the Uber collection. These maps support all the game types. The authors have taken a great deal of care in making another 2 fantastic maps. These babies are BIG!! aimed at the Uber servers out there for 64 players. If you loved the last pack, you will love this pack, and when you put them together, you have an amazing collection.

Also this pack, as the previous one, comes with its own installation program. It doesn’t make any changes to your computer apart from putting the files into the correct directory (which you can specify). This just makes installation easier and pain free. And I have to thank them for the nice note about us in there too :D

Uber Vietnam map

This is part two to the previous Uber jungle map. The soldiers who survived the bloodshed in the jungle were being transported in the chopper out of the area, while being shot down with an RPG over Vietnam. The chopper is now scattered and burning!! And the soldiers have to fight to survive.

Well this map is another great jungle setting. Building, open spaces, sniping points, water, bridges. You name it, it has it (well almost). This map makes you feel like you are really there - has a great atmosphere. This is what camo was made for :)

And as before, the lightning strikes are here adding to the setting. Great work :)

54561.jpg 54562.jpg

54563.jpg 54564.jpg

Uber Desert map

A lot of open space? Hell no!! This map has a lot more in it than just sand. It has hills, tunnels, ruins. Places to snipe and hide. Close combat areas, and fast paced sections, and a pool with a water fall to cool off :D There is even a base in there somewhere. Supporting all game typed, this map has to be worth the money :D

If you get 64 players on this map, you can forget a quiet stroll in the park or desert. You will expect a fire fight like no other. This is a great addition to the Uber pack, the screen shots below don’t do it justice. You have to try it out yourself. You will love it :D

5456a.jpg 5456b.jpg

5456c.jpg 5456d.jpg

5456e.jpg 5456f.jpg

This team of mappers has done it again. They have made some of the best maps that I have seen, and this is a pack is just further proof of that. If you haven’t got the first pack, get it here.

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Download 'panzer-pack.exe' (4.11MB)

The following installer does not modify, alter or destroy any of your system configurations. No registry modification or shortcuts and created with this program.
We set it as an installer in order to make it simple for everybody to runs this map pack, and also for those who do not have a zip archive program.  You will simply be asked to specify the path to your SOF2 game base folder and the map pack will be directly copied to your SOF2 base folder for you.


Game           : Soldier of Fortune II  V 1.01
Date            : 09.12.2002
supports      :  64 players
Author         : Pharao_FS and Marko

E-Mail          : [email protected]
E-Mail          : [email protected]
Homepage  :
Homepage  :

UBER-VIETNAM     dm tdm elim inf dem ctf cctf ktmwtb tktmwtb gold

UBER-DESERT      dm tdm elim inf dem ctf cctf ktmwtb tktmwtb wave


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