Welcome to Paranoia.

This map is huge and awesome. While testing it I was waiting for some thing to jump out at me :p Good lighting good...


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Welcome to Paranoia.

This map is huge and awesome. While testing it I was waiting for some thing to jump out at me :p Good lighting good sounds add to the atmosphere in this map.

You have two identicle sides for red and blue, these are divided by a large structure with underground passages.

The map supports dm, tdm, ctf, elim, inf, dem, cctf, wave, occtf game types and will host 32 for team-based gametypes. Read the readme for full instructions on the map, different game types give you a differnt map layout to play on.

This is a must download, so go check it out now :thumbsup:

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Download '' (6.66MB)

 Version 1.0 
For Soldier of Fortune 2 Double Helix 

Author:				cisco256
Uncompressed bsp size:		~20mb
New/changed textures:		~1.5mb
Compatible SoF2 versions:		all
Max Players:			32 for team-based gametypes 
Email:				[email protected]
(maximize window size, for your reading comfort)


	-Extract the .pk3 file to your sof2\base folder.
	-Set com_hunkmegs to 128 mb, see below for instructions.
	-Ignore the file unless u read the whole readme.
	-Ignore the mp_paranoia_b8_BR.pk3 file unless u want to play vs bots.

Min Requirement:

	geforce 3 and adequate cpu



	To set com_hunkmegs:
		-Check your ..\sof2\base\mp folder for a file called "autoexec.cfg".
		If it does not exist, use the one provided in the .zip archive and
		drag it into that folder. You can find the file in the extras folder
		in the map's .zip file.That's it already, you can start the map.

		If it does exist, open it with a text editor and search for 
		"seta com_hunkmegs". If you find that line, change its value to "128".
		Then save and close the file. Now you can start the map.

		If you don't find that line, simply add the following line to the end
		of the file (with "") :

		seta com_hunkmegs "128"
		Then save and close the file. That's it already. 

		You can always leave this setting like that, it will not interfere with 
		any other maps/mods. It simply allocates more memory for sof2.


	-dm, tdm, ctf, elim, inf, dem, cctf, wave, occtf



	The map was designed with the goal to create a small ctf map with a more challenging
	layout. It considerably raises the requirements for tactical gameplay. For successful 
	teamwork, voice communication is essential. A nice sideeffect of the layout is 
	that "skillfree" tactics like throwing random nades are close to useless in serious 
	matches (ie. up to 12 players). Using cover and moving smart is essential.


	Gametype remarks:
	CTF:	Most doors/gates are closed in ctf and the roofs are not accessible. This
	is to control the gameflow. The flags are quite easy to pick up but have to be 
	brought to chokepoints. This ensures a constant use of the flags and is meant to
	decentralize the action, as the focus (flags) is always in movement. Especialy on 
	public servers this should grant more, longer and more exciting flagruns.
	INF:	The attacking team starts at the extraction point (which is only visible in
	inf) in the substation, the defending team starts in both ctf spawns. The suitcase is 
	located on the bridge in the center of the map, in a very open position. The 
	architecture around the bridge offers some extra protection in inf for increased
	playability. All doors are open, roofs are not accessible. 
	DEM:	The spawnpoints are same as in inf. The long, free standing buildings with
	crane and crates, close to the ctf spawnpoints are the targets. All doors are open, 
	roofs are not accessible.
	DM/TDM:	All doors open, full roof access.
	Elim:	All doors open, full roof access.


	The .zip file includes botroutes for pwn[BOT] for CTF and DM. Simply put the 
	mp_paranoia_b8_BR.pk3 into your basefolder. You can find the file in the extras folder
	in the map's .zip file.

	The botroutes are far from perfect, feel free to improve and redistribute them. 

	Especialy the DM route is very crude. When editing it, you can NOT use any bots 
	while having /wprender 1 active, or the game will quit to main menu with an
	error message. 

	Note that the map has quite a few botclips to ensure smooth movement. They can not 
	get into the deep water in the sewers for example, they can only move in the shallow 
	parts. Also, the metal stairs and concrete ramps are more wide for bots then it seems,
	to ensure they don't fall off.

	Careful with the DM botroute (and DM botroutes on this map in general) as the CPU
	requirements strangely skyrocket. It might be related to the high number of spawns 
	and other entities. A newer CPU should be still able to run it fine (i hope;) 


	As "special" feature, you can include your clan tag, serverhost name or 
	whatever you feel like into the map. To make it work, follow these steps:

	-prepare two 512 x 128 pixels (width x hight) .jpgs of what you want to be seen

	-rename them to "pic1.jpg" and "pic2.jpg"

	-extract the "" to a location of your choice (eg desktop)

	-drop your pictures into the extracted ...\textures\paranoia folder	

	-zip everything again with relative paths (not full paths!)

	-rename the resulting file into "mp_paranoia_NAME.pk3" and replace "NAME" 
	with a unique name, like eg the name of your clan. So if i would do it, it 
	could be called "mp_paranoia_XCLAN.pk3" for example.
	It is very important to add a unique name!!!

	-place it into the /base folder of the server, where the map resides

	-make sure the server has autodownload enabled

	-note1: "exact/full paths", "without paths" and "relative paths" are options in 
	your favorite compression programm, "relative paths" should be default. If 
	"relative" paths is chosen, inside the zip archive you don't see the drive letter 
	in the path (for example "c:\" )

	-note2: if you only want to use one jpg for both places, name it "pic1.jpg" 
	and replace "textures/paranoia/pic2" in the "paranoia_banner2.shader" file
	with "textures/paranoia/pic1" (use a text editor), before you compress the folders 

	-note3: if you can't cut/stretch your pic to fit the whole 512x128 and don't want
	to just fill the rest with black color, you can do the following. Open textures.pk3 
	in the base folder and extract the texture /textures/common/metal_rust_1.jpg and use
	it as background, so your pic's margin blends perfectly with the rest of the signpost.


	If you haven't already done so, i suggest that you bind at least 3 keys to gamma
	settings, so you have the right brightness for every map. For example, mp_jor
	needs a very low r_gamma setting while mp_pra2 needs a considerably higher setting.

	You can adjust the brightness via the brightness slider in options or type
	r_gamma into the console to check which value you are using. If its still too
	dark after moving the slider all the way to the right, you might like to know that
	this is r_gamma 2.0. This is not the highest gamma setting though, by changing
	r_gamma via console you can raise brightness straight up to r_gamma 3.0. Obviously
	you can also bind the values up to 3.0 to a key. To bind a key, you can type the 
	following into the console:

	bind p r_gamma 1.5

	this binds the button P to the gamma value 1.5. Better is to add this to your
	autoexec.cfg (..\sof2\base\mp folder) though, so you only have to do it once,
	for example:

	bind p "r_gamma 1.5"

	You can also just type any gamma value from 0-3 into the console, for example:

	r_gamma 2.5	


	To get the optimum out of your monitor, you can try the following:
	-increase contrast to maximum on the monitor
	-raise brightness on it until black parts start getting greyish/whiteish
	-reduce brightness again till the black parts look almost pure black again
	(you can leave the brightness as high as you think the black looks ok)

	This should get the maximum out of your monitor. It shouldn't harm you monitor
	but of course I don't give any kind of warranty. Make sure that no light is
	falling onto the monitor screen. Preferably play in dark rooms, note though that 
	this is not good for your eyes.


	Use of this map and anything related to it is purely at own risk. The author is
	not liable for any damage and/or data loss arising out of the use of any of the 
	files included. This includes but is not limited to nuclear meltdown of your pc, 
	constipation, loss of eyesight, nervous twitching and the desire for senseless 


	This map can be distributed freely as long as the rights of Raven and other 
	concerned companies are not infringed, and this README is included in its 
	original form.


	If you find missing/missaligned textures or any other obvious mistakes, plz send 
	me a screenshot and/or description plus let know which version of sof2 you use. 



Credits in random order:

	ydnar		for providing q3map2, without which this map
			wouldnt have been possible in its current form.

	Skwasjer	for providing Mirix, a tool for mirroring maps

	Godh		for the blue truck texture and for checking the map for errors. 
			Check his Goldrush mod, it's one of the best out 

	Slug		for hosting the beta on his website, the
			meeting place for RMG players from all over the world.

	Boogeyman	for finding some errors in the map and pointing me to nice

	$A$ Snake and all of the $A$ Clan for betatesting the map. Visit them at or on their server at

	ßSK*][v][ÚS']['ÃÑG (BSK Mustang) and -=StinG=-*ViolenT* for hosting the map and 
	making good suggestions like adding inf gametype and ladders for tower access.
	Special thanks to all the ppl who contributed to the creation of GTKRadiant, which
	is a great 3D editor. The only one i know that is usable intuitively from the first
	moment on.
	To obsidian for his work on the shadermanual and useful information in forums.

	To id software for making the great q3 engine.

	To for hosting my website and all sof2 custom files there are.

	And of course to Raven for providing SoF2, which is still the tac 
	shooter with the best handling out there, and the only option for dial up users.



Important links:

Enjoy, 	cis

© 2006 All Rights Reserved

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