Peanuts Hud & Console

peanuts_hud_console.zip —


Here we have a console and a HUD all in one package. This is quite different from your normal run-of-the-mill HUD. You have a wacky different colour radar and bright orange-ish weapon HUD.If your getting bored of your HUD then give this a test :)



-=SSF=- Peanuts' HuD + Console

This Console + HuD gives a nice, fiery feel to your 
HuD and some other great looking things :P

Created By: -=SSF=- Peanuts

Programs Used: Pakscape, Paint Shop Pro 7

Installation: Just extract to your base\mp folder in your SoF2 Directory

Special Thanks: -=SSF=- Clan

Disclaimer: You may distribute this file freely to whoever you like,
you also may edit it coz i dont really care :-)

Send any comments or questions to [email protected]

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