SoFPX has arrived. Merging the best of the original SoF1 game with the excellence of the SoF2 engine. Gameplay, maps, it's all here. Whethe...


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SoFPX has arrived. Merging the best of the original SoF1 game with the excellence of the SoF2 engine. Gameplay, maps, it's all here. Whether you're a CTF player, or a DM player, or you like the standard INF/DEM gametypes, there is something here for YOU!



Faster running speed (Identical to SoF1) Strafejumps enabled (Further, faster, no pause) ULTIMATE M590 Shotgun (Based around SoF1, meaning new skin, 8 shells firing 12 pellets, faster firing rate, faster reload rate, slightly more accurate, slightly shorter range, damage balanced in line with these changes) TNT Explosive added (Based around SoF1's C4) Instant Grenade/Flash/Explosive attacks (Grenades work like SoF1, can be thrown instantly without switching from your current weapon, frag grenade explodes on impact, counter displayed under the health bar showing grenades left) Weapon Stay (Meaning weapons do not disappear after they have been picked up, they stay for someone else, unless they were dropped - please note SoF1's 'weapon drop' cheat will not work! - AWESOME feature for DM/TDM, and of course CTFX) Female skins added to every team (making six in each, females use a new 'radio' bindlist, use the male hitbox for fair play, 3 new skins added) Console, visual and audible notification of HEADSHOTS ("Why did I die so quickly?" etc.) Crosshairs change to green for friendly targets, red for enemy targets (like SoF1) Skins can be reselected/reviewed after map changes Rocket launcher and grenade launcher disabled by default


IRQCTFX - Wastelands (ctfx ctf) Based on SoF1's IRQCTF1

JPNCTFX - Parking (ctfx ctf) Based on SoF1's JPNCTF1

NYCCTFX - Gangland (ctfx ctf) Based on SoF1's NYCCTF1

GERCTFX – Castle Kill (ctfx ctf) Based on SoF1's GERCTF1

SUDCTFX – Flag Frag (ctfx ctf) Based on SoF1's SUDCTF1

DUSPX - Dust (ctfx ctf tdm elim inf dem) A faithful conversion of Counter-Strike's de_dust, scaled to the original - supports ALL gametypes


CTFX (CTF PhoeniX) based around SoF1's classic CTF mode Your flag must be at home to capture the enemy's You can reclaim your flag yourself 15 points for a capture, 2 points for a flag return Flagcarrier generates a local siren to alert their location Flagcarrier generates a 'glow' to prevent hiding in dark corners


You can use your coloured name in team games Corpses can be damaged/dismembered immediately after death ('gibbable' corpses, client-side effect which can be enabled or disabled, doesn't affect the server, doesn't prevent shots hitting living players, enabled by default) Many improved/familiar sounds fine-tuned in Wavelab Many improved/familiar graphics fine-tuned in Photoshop Slightly quieter footsteps


Infinite Ammo Mode (optional, disabled by default) InstaGib Mode (optional, disabled by default, only the M590 Shotgun is affected) Disable shooting while leaning (optional, disabled by default)


New cvars/binds built into the menu system MOD filter on the serverlist to easily locate SoFPX servers Small tweaks to layout

Of course, the game has all the benefits of PunkBuster support, weapon balances have been maintained (only the M590 has been radically altered, but is balanced all the same), and there is a full manual included which covers every point in detail, including a Tweak Guide to get you started. A dedicated server config is included as an example, along with the default CTFX mapcycle.

This SoF2 modification has ongoing support, and Public Beta 1.0 is, in some ways, just the beginning.

Is is supported/sponsored by, Europe's biggest and best GSP, and has a 16 player public server up and running right now (currently Jolt 15).

Website: Email:

Enjoy ... and feel free to visit our forums, linked at the website.

The PhoeniX Is Rising...

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*** IN THE SAME DIRECTORY AS THIS FILE IS THE DIRECTORY:                            ***
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*** SoFPX                                                                           ***
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(Should you require installation instructions in further detail, please read on...)

Updated: 22/03/2003
Soldier of Fortune: PhoeniX - README.TXT


Ensure that your copy of SoF2 is upgraded to the latest version (1.03 at the time of writing
this).  You can visit the official forums ( to check this for sure.

Unzip the contents of the file into your SoF2 directory (the directory you
installed SoF2 into - it contains the SoF2MP.exe file to run the game).  For example, should
your SoF2 directory be called "SoF2" then you should now have the extended directory structure
"SoF2\SoFPX".  This must be the case for SoFPX to function correctly.

Run the game by clicking on the SoFPX.bat file contained in the new SoFPX directory you just


EXTRA HELP:  If you really cannot locate your SoF2 directory (the destination directory for the
contents of then click on your Start menu, then "Programs", then "Raven
Software", then "Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix", then RIGHT-click on the "Soldier of
Fortune II - Double Helix - Multiplayer" link and select "Properties" at the bottom of the menu.
A window will open, and the first text box (marked "Target") will contain the full path to your
SoF2MP.exe file.  Where your SoF2MP.exe exists, your SoFPX directory needs to go.


ADVANCED HELP:  Follow the above example, but when you RIGHT-click on the "Soldier of Fortune
II - Double Helix - Multiplayer" link, select "Copy" instead, and "Paste" this shortcut
somewhere of your choosing (i.e. your Desktop).  Returning to the text box (marked "Target")
which contains the full path for the game in your shortcut's "Properties", extend that line by
adding the following after "SoF2MP.EXE" so that the line reads "SoF2MP.EXE +set fs_game sofpx".
You can even choose to add the SoFPX.ico icon file supplied in the SoFPX folder for the complete
effect!  "Apply" your changes, and you've created a Windows shortcut for SoFPX!


This couldn't be easier, as a startup file (SoFPX Server.bat) is included in your SoFPX
directory.  This will launch a dedicated, pure server with the settings listed in server.cfg,
and using the ctfx.mapcycle file for the CTFX gametype.  This basic setup should allow you to
get started quickly, and provide you with a framework that you can edit, so that the server
fully matches your individual requirements.


DUSPX - Dust
(ctfx ctf tdm elim inf dem)

GERCTFX – Castle Kill
(ctfx ctf)

IRQCTFX - Wastelands
(ctfx ctf)

JPNCTFX - Parking
(ctfx ctf)

NYCCTFX - Gangland
(ctfx ctf)

SUDCTFX – Flag Frag
(ctfx ctf)

Further maps are scheduled for release in future patches.


CVAR:  g_infAmmo
DETAIL:  This sets Infinite Ammo mode which will show on the map's Loading screen.  Ammo
counters are set to zero, and weapons will not consume ammo.  Ammo pickups will not show after a
map has been restarted with this variable set.  Explosive projectiles thrown by hand, and the
M4's alternate fire mode, are NOT affected by g_infAmmo, for obvious gameplay reasons.
DEFAULT:  "0" or OFF.

CVAR:  g_instaGib
DETAIL:  This sets InstaGib mode which will show on the map's Loading screen.  In this mode, all
hits by the M590 Shotgun will kill instantly, regardless of where they hit.  The weapon is still
subject to its range restrictions, however.
DEFAULT:  "0" or OFF.

CVAR:  g_leanShoot
DETAIL:  This allows or disallows shooting while leaning (viewed by some to promote camping)
and will NOT show on the map's Loading screen.
DEFAULT:  "1" or ON (shooting while leaning allowed).

CVAR:  disable_pickup_weapon_TNT
DETAIL:  The only completely new weapon in SoFPX (i.e. not edited) is TNT, a timed explosive.
This variable allows the weapon to be enabled or disabled, as with all other weapons.
DEFAULT:  "0" or ON (TNT is enabled).


CVAR:  cg_corpseDamage
DETAIL:  This will allow your client to shoot and dismember corpses after the target has died,
which means during the death animation, and when the body is motionless on the floor.  This will
NOT lag the server in any way, shape or form.  It is performed ONLY on the client's screen, and
may be turned on or off (on by default).  Due to the complexity of some gore effects, this may
impact the client's FPS (Frames Per Second) depending on the performance of the client's CPU and
graphics card.  In this case, either reduce the complexity of the gore effects, or disable this
variable altogether.
DEFAULT:  "1" or ON.


There are some operational changes to SoF2 that you should be aware of.  Firstly, you cannot
switch weapons via a menu, the game now defaults to fast weapon switching.  This facilitates the
new grenade/explosive firing system, and keys to instantly fire these weapons can be bound via
the "Controls Setup"/"Weapon" section.  The firing of these weapons no longer requires you to
manually switch from your currently held weapon.  Also, please note that a new counter under
your health bar in the style of "G: ## F: ## E: ##" represents the current number of Grenade,
Flash and Explosive attacks you have available at any one time.

You can no longer change the colour of your crosshair with respect to 'friendly' targets.  SoFPX
uses the classic system of a GREEN crosshair for 'friendly' targets, and a RED crosshair for
'enemy' targets.  The neutral (default) crosshair colour can be changed as normal, as can the
size of the crosshair, and whether or not it grows when firing (to represent inaccuracy).

The default FOV (Field Of View) in SoFPX is 95, higher than the SoF2 default value, but at the
same time not excessive.  For reasons of continuity and fair play, this value cannot be altered.

When selecting your team/skin, there is now an extra skin for each team (making six skins in
total).  This skin is female, and uses a different 'radio' bind list (with female voices).
Also, after a map change, you will be given the opportunity again to select your skin from the
new team list, which means that you always know which skin you're using.

There is a working MOD filter which is visible in your filter list, and will filter "All",
"SoFPX" or "SoF2" servers in that order.  This is self-explanatory, and highly useful!

As is generally accepted as standard, the rocket launcher and grenade launcher are disabled by

Finally, please be aware that BOT support is NOT considered a feature of SoFPX.  The commands
are active, but useful only for testing purposes, and the BOTs generally stand still and shoot.
Please do not waste time with this 'feature' - BOT support may be added officially in a future
patch, but is considered secondary to online gameplay, the desired channel for the MOD.


Head Developer

Project Administrator


The SoFPX game modification (MOD) is supplied "AS IS".  The Contributing Authors disclaim all
warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, the warranties of
merchantability and of fitness for any purpose.  The Contributing Authors assume no liability
for direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages, which may result
from the use of the SoFPX MOD, even if advised of the possibility of such damage.


You MAY NOT include or distribute this MOD in any form of commercial product without prior
permission from the Author.

You MAY NOT mass distribute this MOD via any non-internet means, including, but not limited to,
DVD, CD-ROM, or floppy disks, without prior permission from the Author.

In ANY case, an unmodified version of this file (README.txt) MUST be included with the MOD
without exception.

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