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Here's another great mappack brought to you by Samura Dragon. The mappack is aprox. 27 mb in size but it's worth for checking out. There a...


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Here's another great mappack brought to you by Samura Dragon. The mappack is aprox. 27 mb in size but it's worth for checking out. There are six maps in the pack and every map is put together very well. These are the names of the maps:

1. The Temple Of Doom 2. The Ring 3. The Square 4. Valley Of The Shadows 5. The Box Of Death 6. Jumpgate

You'll have teleporters, jump pads, detailed buildings and a great amount of new textures. The result is a nice Quake 3 style of gameplay which is great! But that's what I think. Go try it out and tell the author what you think. Enjoy.

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Download '' (25.91MB)

Readme File:

Title : Planet Dragon

Description : Ok, after a long time making maps I thought most Sof2 players
would like, I have decided to make some maps I would like for a change. I have
got a new set of textures and decided to make some Vok/Ce Pyramid style maps.
I wanted to do a custom skybox and use a lot of custom textures for a long time,
but the huge download size always put me off. Here we have 6 new maps, so its only 
working out at maybe 4/5meg per map which to me is acceptable. These maps are full
of temples, jump pads, teleporters etc, harking back to a more cut throat quake 3
style of gameplay. These maps should be a lot faster and more chaotic than your 
average Vok player is used to.

The maps are as follows..

1. The Temple Of Doom

2. The Ring

3. The Square

4. Valley Of The Shadows

5. The Box Of Death

6. Jumpgate

..for .map files of these or any other mapping help please email [email protected]
I'll do my best.

Big Credits : I have moved the credits up here. A huge amount of the credit for
these maps needs to go elsewhere. The style of the maps ows a ton to CE Darkone, 
The Judge and Marko. CE Pyramids, Pharaos Revenge, The Shrine and Vok were all big 
inspirations. Darkone and The Judge also deserve a big mention for the textures, 
along with iD software. I have borrowed shaders and textures from all these people, 
esp the teleporters, Lava etc which would have been impossible without The Judge 
and Darkone. Credit to iD also for a borrowed Doom 3 pentagram and for making fps 
games what they are today. A lot of the styling/gameplay of Doom and Quake was 
ripped off here. I give all credit for these maps to the people mentioned here,
without whom they would never have been built.

A big thanks also to Sof2files for their continued support of the sof2 world,
we appreciate everything you're doing for us people :o)

Also a big shout to Raven for taking the quake 3 engine and making the most playbale
FPs game ever made with it. Nothing has ever played like Sof2, and I've been playing
since the original Wolfenstien 3D. Raven are truely one of the great game developers,
I think the people who make Unreal, Call Of Duty etc should stop taking glorious
screenshots for 5 mins, sit down, and actuaslly try PLAYING one of your fps games,
maybe then they will make up to the real genious at work here.  

Release Date : 26/12/05

Version : 1

Filename : pd1_planet_dragon.pk3

Author : $a]v[uRa! ])[email protected]()N

Email : [email protected]


* Construction *

Buildtime : Months, sometimes with month long gaps.
Compile Time : Rediculous
Editor : GTK Radiant 1.4.0
Map Known Bugs : None so far
Gametype Known Bugs : Nope, please email me if u find one.
Secret : None
New Textures? : Lots, including new skybox. 
Compile Machine : Athlon 64


* Play Information *

Game : Designed just for Dm (team map expansion is planned), fast and brutal 
Supported Modes : Dm and Tdm are suported.
Players : You know my opinion by now, stuff in as many as possible. These
tend to be smaller maps so small groups should still get a decent game without
losing eachother (eg hw2? yaaaawwwwwn with less than 16 players).

* Installation * 

(example: C:\Program Files\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix\ Base)

Select works from the multiplayer server list.

* Usual Credits *

Id Software for The Q3Ta engine
Raven Team for SOF2:Double Helix Game and the original qvm files
Gtk Radiant Team

*Special Thanks* For the great work they do for the community
The game would not be able to continue in tha fassion it does without them.
ReadMe template created by [email protected] Special thanks to Luvnugz and all the LounGe regulars for creating a
great set of servers and playing my maps. Check out the site and servers!!! 

* Permissions *

All original and composed textures or assets in this level remain property of
the sources respective owners.
You MAY distribute this ZIP,PK3 in any not-for-profit electronic format (BBS, Internet,
CD, etc) as long as you contact me first, and include all files, including this readme, intact in
the original archive.

* Warning - Must Read and Understand Before Use *

The author of this file accepts no responsibility for damage to data, or physical damage
to hardware, caused by the appropriate or inappropriate use of this file. It is deemed 
that users who run this file, automatically are considered as having read and understood 
this liability clause before using the said file.

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