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>>> PP update 1.0 is a complete package the much unites <<<


- ROCmod-dgx-PP-client2.0 - playtype [email protected]* & ctrl** (mod by Commando.DK) - Base_Fight-Sommer - BaFi_Jordan - [email protected]_Forest - Halle16 Underground° (by Joffka) - UK Morocco°° (by <>Slavo) - ppv08´ (by MadMax) - iron & psycho flag (by Giz) - action-sounds - ingame in german - new damage - loading screen (by Giz)




Autor:   [PP] SoldierSlater
Clan:    Psycho-Pumpers
IP: (xtreme)
Web:     www.psycho-pumpers.at
Country: Österreich
ICQ:     47216882
Date:    06/12/2008



1. pp_update1.0.zip explain, password (www.psycho-pumpers.at) enter and extract
2. starting pp_update1.0.exe (double-click.) 
3. Check path (standard: C:ProgrammeSoldier of good fortune II - stand-in helix) and change if necessary. 
4. Clicking on &quot;Continue&quot;
5. Ready


*This is a remake of the &quot;Base Fight&quot; and &quot;[email protected] Fight&quot; gametypes by Dgx. 
 In this gametype each team can build a number of things (usualy 10) to improve their base. 
 1 team point is rewarded for each construction. To build anything the players must retrieve 
 toolboxes from the base of their enemies and use them at their own construction points. 
 The fixed gametype has been coded independently of the original sources, implementing 3 major changes:
- The carrier must actually press the use-key to use the toolboxes at the construction points. 
- Each of the construction points is registered as a unique gametype-trigger. 
 This was necessary to be able to keep track of which triggers have been used. 
- Each of the 4 toolboxes is defined as a unique gametype-item. 
 This will prevent them from both returning at the same time when they are dropped at different times. 
 You can now pick up the 2 toolboxes and use them one at a time to construct 2 things at your own base.


**This is an implementation of the Control gametype known from SoF1. 
  There are (purposed to be) 3 or 4 controlpoints on the map. 
  Each controlpoint periodically rewards the team that last touched it. 
  The interval is restarted if a team takes over the controlpoint.


°The idea was to create a small map with nice ambience and a lot of details. 
 Also the map is good for small teams 3vs3 or 4vs4. [possible is 15vs15] 
 The map has a lot of targets (caps from gas bottles and M15fognades) which will explode if they get damaged. 
 If they do they will cause damage for player in this area and cause damage to any thing close to it. 
 All of these effects can be started every 20-30 sec some by shooting and all by getting damaged by nades. 
 Maybe some people will say .. this is not realistic .. ok i agree. 
 But unfortunately ihave not found an other way. Version 2 could be .. all effects only one time. 
 Next round in teamgames would not reset the effect. Only a map resart would do. ..why i wrote that .. ? 
 IT&apos;S NOT A BUG .. IT&apos;S A FEATURE smile Have Fun and keep Sof2 alive Joffka/2008

°°I think that says it all really. You can expect a well made map with some nice details that works on all gametypes, including Goldrush. 
  Based on Morroco it has a jor1 feel about it and then some. 
  Its a medium sized map with a lot of the buildings open so watch out for snipers in the windows. Slavo/2008


´ This is ppv08 sound pack from [PP] MadMax. 
this sound pack has 888 sounds.
all of the sounds are colour coded and seperated into categories in the soundlist file.

*** Sounds choosen by [PP] MADMAX ICQ Nr. 236-006-659 ***
*** visit: www.psycho-pumpers.at ***



BaFi_Forest_(fixed).pk3 (3,50 MBytes)
BaFi_Jordan_(Fixed).pk3 (2,39 MBytes)
Base_Fight-Sommer_(Fixed).pk3 (3,76 MBytes)
h16-ug.pk3 (1,77 MBytes)
uk_morocco_fix.pk3 (17,90 MBytes)

loading.pk3 (298 KBytes)

ppv08.pk3 (70,46 MBytes)
ROCmod-dgx-PP-client2.0.pk3 (9,47 MBytes)


* Must Read and Understand Before Use*

The author of this file accepts no responsibility for damage to data, or physical damage
to hardware, caused by the appropriate or inappropriate use of this file. It is deemed
that users who run this file, automatically are considered as having read and understood
this liability clause before using the said file.


Special thanks to:

- Arrnor for releasing the ROCmod mod source code;
- dgx dito ;-)
- Commando.DK for the expansion the brilliant game type ([email protected] & ctrl)
- <<UK>>Slavo for its beautiful Maps
- Joffka for its faithfulness and its imaginativeness ;-)
- All clan members who have made this update possible


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