Prison Riot

This is a medium sized map based on a prison complex. The map supports CTF / ELIM / VIP / INF / DM game types and will host 16+ players. W...


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This is a medium sized map based on a prison complex. The map supports CTF / ELIM / VIP / INF / DM game types and will host 16+ players. Well worth the download and a must for custom servers...go check it out :thumbsup:

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Download '' (1.65MB)

MP_PRISON - Prison Riot 1.1
Gametypes 	: CTF / ELIM / VIP / INF / DM
Released 	: 11-03-2005
Size 		: 1.66 MB
Download	:


# 1. Download most recent version at
# 2. Place mp_prison.pk3 in C:\Program Files\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix\base
# 3. Start SoF2 & Enjoy

# DM gametype support
# added stair to 2nd level of d-block (improving reds position)
# jailbus driversseat has been made unaccessable
# jailbus roof has been made accessable
# moved blue spawns and blue flags further apart
# 'campingfairyprincess'-text is no longer global
# removed blue's perfect hiding corner
# lowered the towers for better nading
# fixed some overlapping brushes
# improved overall esthetics

# The excellent jailbus was prefabbed by :::Du$tin::: ([email protected])
# been a great help
# Testdrivers : K8 (Cheerleader), Mike (Bloodwatcher), Tim (Druid)
# Rest of the credits goes out to my girly for her endless patience


*NRU* - Nades R Us -
Acturas, Airborne Warrior, Annie, Arne, Beernuts, Benny, Beowulf,
Blood Watcher, Bort, Cam&Leon, Camping (ze noob), Capt. Chaos, Carnage,
CHeeR LeaDeR , Cicada Smith (Gunning 4U), Ctrl z (ze noob), Delete (ze noob),
DDP, Diablo666, Diablo666 jnr, Dirty Dog, Doggy Style, Down Poison, Dr 5ibes,
Dracula, Druid, Dum, ET the Hunter (GR), Evil Bunny, Foo_, Freelock, Frenzy,
Fireball – son of Lt firefly, Gedas, Gismo, Goldberg, Guinness Man,
GreyHair *swe*, Hail & Kill, Hotlips, Inspector Gadget, JayHay, Kantos,
Katherine The Redhead, KBK *swe* , Kenshin, Killer Finne *swe* ,
Killer Kids, Killer Jr, Lan_solo, Letumburn, Lt. Firefly, MarbelousO,
MeatBomb, Minde, Missy, Moses Knetter, Mr. Payne, Mr. Torso, Nemesis,
Noki, NZ Mike, Oddball, Paga, Puddy Kat, Rence, Respawn A, Respawn B,
Respawn K , Respawn M, Respawn S , Revancha, Rikstar (GB), Rogue, Ronic,
Rudi, RudiKilla, SaBeR, SAM, Samajm, Scottish Shadow, Scottish Sniper,
Scottish Syco, Sheepie, Shrimps_bro, Soul Hunter, Spone ze noob, Stalkin,
Stef be, TakeDownTown, ToeTag, Terminator, Tex, The FLC, Tomb Raider,
Tizzy, Tommy Stalhanske *swe* , TP *swe*, Unnamed(rus), Veronica *swe*,
Walan, Whak, Young Boy swe, Zero Defects , ZyniX


c[~] Coffee Time
*NRU*FOO_ ([email protected])

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