Proxy Name Maker



This file contains a .exe file to setup an easy Coloured Name Maker for your SoF2.

Go give it a try and see what you think.



Version 1.0

What is ~[P]r[O]x[Y]~> Name Maker?
~[P]r[O]x[Y]~> Name Maker is a program I made not only for myself but for people who do not 
like to take the time to make scripts and mess with color codes which can be a little 
frustrating at times. This is not for everybody, I know there are some people who will 
say "This is useless" and will bash" but this program is for only people who do not have 
the time and write the script themselves, and want to quickly and easily create it.

1. Unzip this directory.
2. Double-Click on ~[P]r[O]x[Y]~> Name Maker.
3. The program should then load up.
4. Fill in the textboxes asking your clan tag, name, and rank.
5. Click View Name
6. Your Name or bind should then be displayed at the bottom of the window
7. When you are done creating your name go to 
C:\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix MP TEST\demo 
8. Go into Soldier Of Fortune II and type in console /bind [key] exec name.txt
9. Your name or bind should then be displayed.

Having a Problem? 
Email: [email protected]	
MSN: bcsnipers AT charter DOT net


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