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Here is another update to a great mod! Download it now and see what you think :rock:


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Here is another update to a great mod! Download it now and see what you think :rock:

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Please see the official and complete documentation in the download. This just details additions and changes.

**********NEW FEATURES IN VERSION 0.1E**********
#1) If ghosting, the ghost speed is set to a nominal amount higher than the current speed, so that if you have increased speed, when a ghost you will go faster than you normally would. As an example, if you had g_speed set to 320, you used to go 400 as a ghost, now, you'll go 440. Or let's say you're on a big map and you have g_speed set to 500, you'd actually go slower as a ghost (400), but now, you'd go 620. I'm sure you get the point. :) This is a PSYCHO Mod exclusive.

#2) This one's a biggie. If a server has a lot of maps (depending on the map names, more than 64 is what I mean by a lot), if you try to load a map via the Callvote HUD, or utilize the '/callvote map' vote, often times you'll get the 'Unknown map' error. *Plus* the HUD map list doesn't show all of the maps on the server, so you don't even know what you have. This has always irritated me, becuase many times, I'll know that our server has a map, but I'll get the 'Unknown map' error. Grr. So, I rewrote the map vote code and created a new command, /listmaps. I have tested both the map code and the /listmaps command on a server with 400 maps and it worked without a hitch. Essentially, /listmaps alphabatizes all the maps available on the server and then lists them with the proper name to use for the '/callvote map' vote. (i.e. let’s say you know you have Mansion Assault on your server, but it doesn’t show up in your HUD list. Before, if you knew the map name, you might try /callvote map mp_mana and you would probably get the unknown map error. Now, you can always use /callvote map mp_mana, and further, if you don’t know the name, /listmaps will give you a complete alphabatized listing of the server’s maps.) Yet another PSYCHO Mod exclusive.

#3) A Reverse Team Kill Engine (RTK) has been added. If the RTK engine is not engaged and an admin executes the ‘/adm reversetk’ command, all clients will be notified via a screen message and sound cue, and from that point on, if you shoot a teammmate, *YOU* will receive the damagel. Executing the ‘/adm reversetk’ command turns on friendly fire and sets the CVar g_RTKEngineEngaged to 1 (i.e. there’s no point in engaging the engine if friendly fire is off). If the RTK engine is engaged, then only the RTK engine is disengaged (i.e. friendly fire is left on). If you also want to turn off friendly fire, then after the ‘/adm reversetk’ command, execute the ‘/adm friend’ command. No other mod I’ve seen has this feature, again, a PSYCHO Mod exclusive.

#4) If an admin has not suspended his powers, of course, he doesn’t accumulate any TK points. However, I like to play with my admin suspended for a more even playing field even when not competing. *But*, I might pull a dumb move and quickly get up to the danger level in terms of TK points and potentially getting auto-kicked (believe me, it’s easy with our clan’s damage settings). I figure that if I re-aquire my admin, then all should be ‘forgiven’, but that’s not the case with any mod out there, until now. If you have aquired TK points as a suspended admin, simply execute the ‘/adm suspend’ command to eliminate your TK points, then execute it again to re-suspend your powers. If there’s only one admin on a server, this can be important so that your admin doesn’t get kicked, yet can play without any consistent unfair advantage. A PSYCHO Mod exclusive yet again.

#5) Health and armour tokens have been added. #A is numeric armour, #a is graphical armour. #L is numeric health (Life), #l is graphical health (life).

#6) Location tokens for your nearest teammate have been added (#F or #f)

#7) Added in a command to list all players on the server. This command is available only to admins and referees, and displays the following information in a columnar format:
Additionally, players on red team show as red, players on blue are shown in blue and spectators are shown in yellow for easy identification. This command is either ‘/adm players’ or ‘/ref players’.

#8) As part of the preceding, the '/ref players' command has been supplemented with a ref_allow_playerlist CVar to control whether referees have access to the command.

#9) Changed the chat tokens (i.e. headshot, kill, dmg, etc.) so that punctuation and contractions are allowed, i.e. '#T'll pay!' or '#D's lucky', etc.

#10) Added in a new CVar sv_minRate so that the server admin can set the minimum rate for clients, *AND* created a rate engine. What does an admin have to do if a client connects with a rate lower than what sv_minRate dictates? NOTHING. By enabling the g_rateEngineEngaged CVar, and setting the g_enforceRateMin CVar to 1, if a client connects to the server with a rate lower than sv_minRate, the PSYCHO Mod auto-magically sets the client's rate to the server minimum. :) (Psst, it does the same for sv_maxRate. Just enable the rate engine and set the g_enforceRateMax CVar to 1.) Yet again, a PSYCHO Mod exclusive.

#11) I had a request that the sound tokens, when invoked using ‘teamchat’ be only heard by one’s teammates. That is now a reality. Any sound token that you want only to be heard by your teammates will only be heard by them. This is yet another PSYCHO Mod exclusive (especially for server-side only).

#12) I had some requests for more sounds. 175 wasn’t enough eh? So I decided to add not 20 more sounds, not 100 more sounds, but *4 0 0* more sounds for a total of 575 at your command. This is in keeping with my original goal of making the PSYCHO Mod useful for admins and fun for players. A lot of the new sounds aren’t much fun in and of themselves, but because of the new feature detailed in #11, many of them could be used for team type games such as inf, elim, etc. As always, the colors and punctuation of the sound text are completely at your command.

#13) I got rid of the /sounds1, /sounds2, /sounds3, and /sounds4 commands and replaced them with just two: /sounds1 and /sounds2. These two commands list all of the 575 sounds, with the *complete* text associated with the sound. No more trying to figure out my little ‘summaries’. :)

#14) OK, this one I hesitated on putting in, but only for a moment, lol. As admins, we all just LOVE it when some moron comes onto our servers and starts talking a bunch of trash (your definition of trash and mine might be different). A lot of admins merely kick or ban right away via the Punkbuster enabled functionality within the PSYCHO Mod. However, I prefer to mess around with certain people. One of the rotten things about such players is they never apologize for their rude behaviour. :( Well, now, you can make them apologize. :) Via the ‘/adm forcesay <clientID> “saytext”’ command, you can make any player say anything you want (except admins). An example would be if the player with ID of 8 is talking a bunch of trash, *one* approach might execute the following command sequence:

/adm mute 8
/adm forcesay 8 “Sorry guys for being a complete jerk”
/adm pbkick 8 10 “Come back when you’ve learned some manners”

The most important thing about all of this is that unless you only want the player in question to ‘say’ one word, you need to enclose what you want them to ‘say’ in quotation marks as I have done in the example above. Even if the player is a spectator or ghost, their name will be formatted properly. :) You’re going to have a *lot* of fun with this! I don’t think I need to mention it, but this is yet another PSYCHO Mod exclusive.

**********NEW CVARS/SETTINGS IN VERSION 0.1E**********
// general Cvars
g_rateEngineEngaged 1 //engage rate engine
g_enforceRateMin 1 // 1 = enforce the new sv_minRate CVar
g_enforceRateMax 0 // 1 = enforce the sv_maxRate CVar
g_RTKEngineEngaged 1 // set this and g_friendlyFire to 1 for RTK engine on

//*** referee specific settings ***
ref_allow_playerlist 1 // allow listing of information about all players

// Server Setup
sv_minRate // set to the minimum rate you want players to have

**********BUG FIXES IN VERSION 0.1E**********
None have been reported in version 0.1D :)

One of the things that I've changed is that I no longer am including a directory structure in the download. Almost all (if not all) problems reported have come to me from people using Linux servers, and since I know nothing about Linux, I won't offer any technically relevant explanation. What I *can* say is that, it appears the directory structure that my previous downloads created was not right for Linux, and that it has something to do with folders named with a dot, versus one without (i.e. /.SOF2/Psycho and /SOF2/Psycho), so I leave it to you guys to create the proper folders and names. I can say this much: on Windows based machines, create a Psycho folder in your main SOF2 directory (i.e. &quot;\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix\Psycho&quot;) and then within that a folder named 'vm' (i.e &quot;\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix\Psycho\vm&quot;). Into the Psycho folder you should place the Psycho.cfg, ppi_admins.cfg, ppi_clanlist.cfg file and if desired the &quot;Mod Feature List and Explication.txt&quot; files. Into the 'vm' folder, you should place the sof2mp_game.qvm file. Then (other than your normal server setup and config particulars) you just need to make sure that either a) the text from the Psycho.cfg is in your server.cfg file, or b) you have the line 'exec Psycho.cfg' in your server.cfg file and add '+set fs_game Psycho' to your server's command line. The steps are essentially the same for Linux based systems, but I'm not sure about the root folder names.

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