PWN[Bot] Routes

This is 81 more bot routes from Pwn routes. Take a look


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This is 81 more bot routes from Pwn[bot] routes. Take a look

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this is 81bot routes that go in Pwn[Bot] botroutes folder and 
I gave a good pwnbotctf2 mapcycle file to just put in pwnbot folder
open up server cfg file and change your mapcycle select your mapcycle 
at the line where it says seta sv_mapcycle "pwnbotctf.mapcycle" 
it should say seta sv_mapcycle "pwnbotctf2.mapcycle
have fun from me to you.let me know how you like them.
if you see A Guy playing sof 2 on the internet please say hi
Thats the unknown.

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