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Q3E, or Quake 3 Engine Minimizer is a program that has been created to give you the ability to quickly and easily minimize nearly every game that has been coded using the Q3 engine as a base. The reason I made this was because I was tired of having to spectate, or suffer being killed over and over again as I used Alt-Enter to switch to my desktop which took practically forever so I could answer MSN or ICQ.

Good minimiser, well worth the download, go give it a try :)



	Q3E Minimizer v1.30 by UberGames

File Name: Q3E Minimizer v1.30
Version: 1.30
File Size: 276k
Developer: TiM
Date Created: 12/3/03 3:18PM
Build Time: About an hour
Programs Used: Visual Basic 6, Adobe Photoshop 6.0


Q3E, or Quake 3 Engine Minimizer is a program that has been created to
give you the ability to quickly and easily minimize nearly every game
that has been coded using the Q3 engine as a base.  The reason I made 
this was because I was tired of having to spectate, or suffer being 
killed over and over again as I used Alt-Enter to switch to my desktop
which took practically forever so I could answer MSN or ICQ.

The concept of the Q3 minimizer isn't mine.  This one is more of an
extension to an idea that someone else had, that I thought could
be expanded furthur.
I was cruising JK2files.com one day, looking at the utilities section
(I had just sent in KT 101 and was looking to see if anyone had d/led 
it yet) when I saw a file called "JK2 Minimizer" created by a very cool
d00d who goes by the name of Deathwish.  Being interested,
I downloaded the file and found out how simple it was, yet at the same 
time, so very very useful.  Responding to people on MSN/ICQ, etc was
no longer a grueling task.  Later on, I was playing STV: Elite Force online
and found that I greatly missed the ability to minimize it like I could
with JK2.  So, I took it upon myself to create my own Minimizer.  Using
snippets of VB code around the internet, I managed to create a similar
program I named "EF Minimizer", that I submitted to effiles.com.  Many
people found it immensely useful, and I was extremely happy with the
feedback.  ^_^
A few months later, I attended a LAN party (My first ever LAN party 
actually :D ) where I got involved in a heated battle of Q3A with some
other people there.  After a few minutes, I, by reflex, tried to minimize
Q3.  When nothing happened, I said to myself at that point, "I'm going 
to make a version of EF Minimizer that can minimize all Q3 based games".  
After the LAN party, I clean forgot about doing that, so the half finished
"Uni Minimizer" (I hadn't thought of a good name then) sat on my hard 
drive for a month.
After a month, I downloaded the new Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy demo (May
I point out, an AWESOME demo).  Whilst I was playing it, someone on MSN
messaged me, and I realised that I was stuck in-game, having to alt-enter 
out.  At that point, I remembered Uni Minimizer, and decided to complete
work on it.  So, after a few nights of working, I brought you version
1.0 of the new Quake 3 Engine Minimizer, or Q3E Minimizer, but now, I 
bring you version 1.30 of Q3E Minimizer!



-=Features new to v1.30=-

-At the criticism of one of the admins at jk2files.com, I have now removed the prompt you get 
when quitting Q3E Minimizer whilst a game is active.

-I also redid the offline icons for SoF2 SP and MP so they have much better quality.

-Now additionally supports these games:
	* Call of Duty (SP)
	* Call of Duty (MP)
	* Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K²
(Thanks goes to Oomjan and Flying Fool for sending me the details to integrate these games!)

-=Features of v1.20=-

- If a game is active, and you choose to close Q3E Minimizer, it will now prompt you 
to make sure you really have chosen to close it whilst a game is active.

- Major Overhaul on the Dynamic Screen Resolution Modifier. Now, when you quit the game,
it won't keep the screen at the same resolution as your game. If you quit Q3E Minimizer
whilst the game is still running though, it will keep it at the same resolution.

-Whilst a game is running under automatic detection, you can change the game while the
game is still running. (In 1.10, when the game was active, the menu was locked.)
The user will need to quit the game if they want to re-enable auto detection however 
(But you had to do that anyway. ;) )

-Now supports these games:
	* Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix (SP)
	* Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix (MP)
	* Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
(Thanks goes to OomJan and coffee for the help in order to support these games)

-=Features of v1.10=-

-Auto Game Detetection
	Users now have the abilitity to set the minimizer to automatically 
	scan for any active Q3 game, and then automatically set that game
	as the target for minimization.  This feature is optional, and users
	may still manually choose which game they want the minimizer to target.
	(The detector will only work right if only one Q3 based game is running.
	 If more than one is active, it will choose one itself)
	Whilst the detector and game are running, the drop-down menu is locked
	to prevent changing the game as it may cause errors.

-Dynamic Screen Resolution Modifier
	A large number of gamers play their games at lower screen resolutuions,
	usually to get better performance from their video card, or due to older
	hardware.  When a person normally minimizes the game, it will display
	their desktop at the same resolution as the game, which is usally quite
	ugly and quite difficult to operate with.  At the request of several people,
	v1.10, and 1.20 come with the feature to activate an option that will 
	automatically adjust the user's resolution upon minimization and restorization, 
	depending on what the resolutions are when the game is minimized and the game 
	is active.

- Version 1.10 supports these new games:
	*Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (SP)
	*Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (MP)

	(If you still want to play the JKA demo, select the JKA SP choice as they are
	both the same thing. :) )

-Updated Interface

-=Original, Primary Features=- 

-Will Minimize/Restore a specified Q3 based game at the touch of a key
-Now has an all new graphical interface (Format is GIF to minimize size)
-Runs in the background so as not to take up many system resources, 
leaving it all for fragging!
-Icon in the system tray changes depending what game is running
-Left-Clicking on the system tray icon will bring up the hot keys window,
If game is running, it will instead restore the game
-Right-Clicking the icon will access a simple menu to configure or quit
the minimizer.
-Quitting the minimizer will automatically restore the game.
-Version 1.0 Supports the following Q3-based games:
	*Quake III Arena
	*Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force (SP)
	*Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Holomatch (MP)
	*Star Trek: Elite Force II
	*Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (SP)
	*Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (MP)
	*Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Demo (No longer in v1.10/1.20/1.30)
	*Return to Castle Wolfenstein (SP + MP)  
	[Wolfenstein had the nifty feature of naming both MP and SP windows the 
	same thing, so I was able to put SP and MP into one option. ^_^]


Instructions for Use:

1. Extract the Q3E Minimizer_v1.30.exe to anywhere in your computer (Location
will NOT affect it's functioning)
2. Upon opening it, the main window will appear. In the drop-down menu
located near the bottom of the window, choose which game you would like
the minimizer to currently focus on, or leave it at Auto Game Detection, if you wish.
3. Start up that game as you would normally.
4. To minimize the game, press the default keys: Control-Z
5. To restore, press Shift-Control-Z

To configure the hot keys, right-click on your current game's icon in 
the system tray, and choose "Settings...".  From there, use the interface
to select your new keys.

BEWARE: If you position your desktop's icons in certain places, using
the Screen Modifier may jumble them.  You have been warned... ;)



-Main Coder/Graphic Artist

-For coming up with the awesome concept of minimizers!

-For taking the time and effort to send me the info and files I needed
to integrate those new games in. :)

Flying Fool
-For giving me the details so I could integrate Call of Duty.

-For also sending in info so that I may integrate RTCW: Enemy Territory.
I may not have needed them at the time, but thanks anyway d00d!

-For beta testing that this program actually does minimize SoF2.  Thanks!

Brian, Brad, Jon and Frenchie
-For your suggestions about the resolution changer and game detector.

-For helping me with some of my pretty stupid questions and providing feedback

-If you hadn't messaged me, I probably never would have finished this program, d00d. ^_^

*Not being an experienced programmer, I needed to refer to some internet
samples to get this whole thing working right.  Here are some people/sites whose
programming skills are totally awesome and their effort, time and examples deserve
high recognition!

Imran Zaheer
-Creator of the Hotkeys Code

MSDN Database
-Referenced the code to show/hide programs

-Helped me create a hot keys interface

Microsoft VB resource
-Showed me how to make programs appear in the system tray

Brian Yule
-Created the code to make the window's edges transparent

-For creating the code to adjust screen resolutions

Garrett Sever (aka "The Hand")
-For creating the nifty code to make the Dynamic Screen Resolution checkbox
transparent around the edges.


I have received several e-mails from people telling me that this program
won't run in Windows 98.  At this point I have no idea why it won't work
in '98 and at this point, I can only conclude that it's Windows 98 that
won't let the program run.  I'm trying to find out if there's an alternate
method to make this program run so it'll work in 98, but until then, the 
best I can do is recommend you update your operating system. :/

I have tested this program on 2 computers, one running Win ME, and one 
running XP.  On both, the program minimized the Q3 games flawlessly.
This may not be the case for other operating systems, so if you do come
across a system that doesn't work, please e-mail me and I'll see what I can
do to fix it. At this point, I am aware that Q3E Minimizer won't work with
98, but I'm not entirely aware at what exactly isn't working in it.

Sometimes, when minimizing Jedi Academy (SP), JKA's console window may
appear in the task bar.  This is harmless and no cause for concern at all.

Also sometimes, upon minimizing a game, your desktop may seem extremely bright.  
This is because the Q3 game will modify your screen's contrast according 
to your settings in-game.
When you exit the game, the screen will return to normal.  To restore the
screen's color to normal whilst the game is running, there are 2 things you 
can do.  First, in the game console, type '/r_overbrightbits 0' (without 
quotes, and sometimes without the '/' at the front, depending on which game)
Secondly, if that doesn't work, go into your games video settings and
adjust the brightness to a lower level.

Another thing; due to the varied nature of how many monitors are out there
and how they function, I cannot guarantee that the Dynamic Screen Resolution 
Modifier will work.  The worst case scenario for this would be, upon minimization,
the resolution won't change.  If this happens for you, e-mail me, stating what
type of monitor you have, what resolution you run your desktop at, and what 
resolution you run your game at.

Also, if you change your desktop resolution whilst the minimizer is open,
it will not automatically register the new change.  To fix this, uncheck the
Dynamic Screen Modifier checkbox, and the check it again.

Please note: Activating the Dynamic Screen Modifier and quitting Q3E Minimizer
mid-game will not restore your desktop's resolution and you will need to do it 


At this point, Q3E Minimizer does not support ALL Q3-Based games, mainly
because I don't own all of them.  At this point in time, I think it supports the 
most recent Q3 based games, but not every single one. The main one I can think of right
now is "American McGee's Alice".
To give the minimizer support to other programs, I need to find out what the game's 
window name is (The title you see for it in the taskbar), so without owning those games,
it makes it a tad hard to give support to them.

If you own any Q3 based game I missed, and you would like to have 
minimizing support for them, there are a few simple things you'd have to do for
me, and I could easily put it in.

For each Exe the game has (Ie, JK2 and EF had a separate single player and multiplayer
EXE file) you must do the following:

a) Take a screenshot of the EXE's icon (whilst the icon size is 32x32 preferably. 
Not in List mode), preferably against a white background and send that to me
(So I can make that the icon that appears for it in the system tray)

b) When running the game, alt-enter out of it, and look for the game's window
in the task bar.  Copy down the name of the game window EXACTLY as it looks
(Right capitals, any additional space bars, etc) and send the name to me.
(An example would be Q3's Window is called "Quake 3: Arena", without quotes.)

I can easily do the rest from there. ^_^

E-Mail them to [email protected]



Have you seen a bug?  Got a suggestion for the program?  Feel like chatting?

I can be reached at:
E-Mail: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]
ICQ: 24965853
AIM: DeltaJed
YIM: timo22406


Well, thank you for taking the time to read all the way down here. ^_^

I hope you enjoy using Q3E Minimizer and that it makes your gaming
experience all the more better.

Happy Fragging!!!!!



Legal Stuff:
I am in no way responsible for any harm this program may cause, even
though the odds of that happening are insignificant.  You may freely
distribute the EXE, so long as this ReadMe remains with it, intact, and
unmodified.  This program is not officially supported by id, RavenSoft,
Ritual, or LucasArts.
And NO I will not be held responsible for any points lost whilst using
this program.  I can't stress that enough. ;)

"Quake III Arena" and all related assets are trademarks of id Software,

"Elite Force", "Jedi Outcast", "Jedi Academy", "Soldier of Fortune II: 
Double Helix" and all related assets are trademarks of Raven Software,

"Star Wars", "Jedi Knight" and all related assets are trademarks of 
LucasArts Entertainment/LucasFilm Inc. 1977-2003

"Elite Force II", "Heavy Metal F.A.K.K²" and all related 
assets are trademarks of Ritual Entertainment, 1998-2003

"Call of Duty" and all related assets are trademarks of Infinity
Ward and Activision Inc, 2003.

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