QuickSliver Hud

qshud.zip —


This is a new hud from the QuickSliver series. It has a really original color scheme that looks very good. Check out the screenshot below.



++++++++++++READ ME+++++++++++++++++
Creator: ArkansasDave
E-mail: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]
Name: QuickSilver HUD
TypeofSkin: HUD
VisualDiscription: This makes the HUD very cool its following the Quick-Silver M590 color scheme 
and there will be more QS stuff soon enjoy! 
To Install:
Just Put the QSHud.pk3 file into your base/mp folder
found in your sof2 directory
You may use this file and distribute it non-profitly.
I take no responsibility if this file harms your Computer or Game

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