Rammel maps & sources

rammel_maps.zip —


Hardbass[/b] (A big Hardstyle event in Holland from B2s usually held in Gelredome Arnhem)- Invasion2(Infiltration map where the blue team uses boats to reach the red base)- Mikey2(a map I made for a clanmate, small but lethal )- Mountain(A snowy mountain map with working cablecars)- Slide(slides with some working carnaval rides)It also includes .map sources from those maps + some sources of maps I never finished or released.List:bfmh2dreamworldhardbassinvasion2mikey2mp_ghosthouse_v13mp_neighbourhood_v04mp_office_v11mp_towerwar_v03mp_train_v05 (moving enviroment so it seems that the train is moving)slideI hope this will help you learn mapping, so we can keep this game alive.You also have my permission to edit these maps and release them to the public, I do not care about credits, as long as you keep playing SOF2 =)Sincerely,Rammelslakje


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