Ras Sewer Siege



A under ground sewer that is well laid out and nicely made. Supports all gametypes including Goldrush




File name: Ras_Sewer_Siege

File realease date: 16 August 07

File version: Final

Author: <<UK>>Raslin

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.uksnipers.co.uk


Supported gametypes: dm, tdm, ctf, cctf, inf, elim, dem, escape, sabo, gold, infinite, vip, stq, tstq and any other gametypes that work off dm spawn points. 

Max / Min players: 30

Custom textures?: no

Custom sounds?: no 

Custom Music?: no

Secrets: No biggie's but drop under the water at either of the team spawns for an extra room.

Construction time: Gradually over a month.

Editors used: GTK Radiant 1.4.0

Compile time: Quickly.

Bugs: None.

File description: 

This map is based in the sewers, even sides, but not identical, fairly layed out for team 
games but a good layout for deathmatch style of games too. This map is entirely underground 
in the sewers and is therefore dim but not too dark. Designed for assault style action and
well detailed with running water. Any questions please ask.


Thanks to the <<uk>> snipers clan for helping me test out my map.
Thanks to Goody for testing it out.
Thanks to everyone who downloads and enjoys my maps.
Thanks to AcE who may not map anymore, but without him i would of never started, tribute to you my friend! *bows*


You may NOT distribute this pk3 for profit.
You may NOT make any changes to this file without strict permission from the author.

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