Real Fortune Babes



Real Fortune Babes by Dr Death.

This file is for single player, according to the author it will also work in MP. This file features more than 25 new skins and items, there are loads of variations on weapons and player equipment.

Read the readme for full info. Go give it a try and see what you think, leave some feed back for the author ;)



"Real Fortune Babes" by Dr.Death

This modification is based on the idea of the "fortunebabes" modification. All male enemies are turned into females. However, this modification goes a lot further.

- more then 25 new skins and items for all enemies
- dozens of variations on weapons and equipment
- singleplayer completly playable
- all models work in multiplayer (replacing male models)

There's only some minor bugs, like sometimes the hair might not fit 100% on characters, or animations missing (like in hospital where prometheus soldiers go down on ropes), but none is affecting the gameplay in general. All remaining male models work fine.

If you like the modification, feel free to drop me a line at "drdeath at mapscene dot de".
If you wish to use skins provided with this modification for other modifications/games, please contact me first. Thank you.

Have fun playing the game again, with some new really bad, but cute enemies!

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