Realistic Weapons Version 3

This is an updated version of the Realisitc Weapons Mod. To see the updates look in the readme posted below.


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This is an updated version of the Realisitc Weapons Mod. To see the updates look in the readme posted below.

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realistic weapons ver.3

gun freaks or rainbow six players will enjoy this mod very much

this will include realistic damage only and more realistic values for each of the weapons.
full automatics will loose accuracy if shooting more than 3 rounds at once
pistols are very inaccurate at long range but can do well at close range
shotguns can shoot twice as far and do not spread very much
some firing modes of weapons have been changed or taken away
all weapon damage values are equal to or greater than 100, except for the shotguns which shoot 8 pellets that do 28 each.

this does the following changes from the original sof2.wpn file:

socom and m1911 are as inaccurate as the desert eagle
socom damage is now 115
m1911 damage is now 110
desert eagle damage is now 120

usas and m590 have less spreading of pellets and doubled range
(they can now shoot at fairly long distances just like real shotguns)
usas has no fire delay so it is fully automatic
m590 had a 6 shot capacity and fires single shot instead of automatic

micro uzi has 32 rounds and 100 damage and single shot instead of burst

m3a1 does 100 damage

m4 has less accuracy burst and single shot modes only and 100 damage
m203 has a radius equal to frag grenade and 200 damage

ak74 is less accurate no burst fire mode and 100 damage
bayonet is slightly stronger

msg90 has 20 rounds 1 extra clip and no fire delay

m60 has 100 rounds and 100 damage

mm1 has radius equal to frag grenade

m84 flash and m15 smoke do slightly more damage

mp5 is less accurate and does 100 damage

sig551 is less accurate and does 100 damage

edited by 51337_dollars

to install place in sof2\base\mp 
then start up your server and play

i want to make m590 and m3a1 primary weapons and microuzi a sidearm
if anyone knows how to change the weapon classes of the weapons please let me know.
i do know that you need to decompile the source codes in the vm folders of the pk3 files but i have no idea how to do that.

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