RealSound 7 This is a nice sound mod by H&H Frost. I personally like the sound fo...


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sound.jpg This is a nice sound mod by H&H Frost. I personally like the sound for headshots :)

Remeber if you install this you can play on our server ) because its unpure :D

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Download '' (2.94MB)

Install: Place RealSound7.pk3 into you're Soldier of fortune/base/mp folder and you are set! Make sure if you have my older soundpack(s), or someone elses, to remove them or back them up, as if you have more than 1 sound pack in you're directory, there is no telling which one will work.

Uninstall: Remove RealSound7.pk3 from you're soldier of fortune/base/mp folder and it is GONE! 

There are many changes in this sound pack. INcluded are the following: M4 fireing sound, M4 grenade load, M4 bolt pull/clip in and out.  Ak74 fireing sound, Sig551 fireing sound, All new Incendiary grenade sound.  I replaced my socom sound with one of my older ones because I realize not everyone wants a silenced sound so i put the unsilenced realsound socom back in.
I think I named all the changes but I could have left something out.

Creator: H&K Frost
E-mail: [email protected]

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