This is it guys! The long expected ReFrag. Some of you might know what it is, others not, thats why I am keeping it short. ReFrag is a utility that assists you in movie making etc. in SoF2 and it could even be used to make awesome screenshots! Hopefully the potd's will become better too with this utility ;) All I can say is download it right away and have fun with this awesome program!



ReFrag 1.0.0

Release date: august 7th, 2005

ReFrag is a demo-viewer for SOF2 Gold with a lot of features.
It's usable for fun, for taking awesome screenshots and for
assisting in SOF2 moviemaking.

Have fun with it.


Quick installation:
Extract ReFrag so that you have a ReFrag folder in your SOF2 folder.

Copy the shortcut \ReFrag\StartReFrag.lnk to where you want it and make
sure it points to where you have SOF2 installed.

There is a testdemo you can use. It's in \ReFrag\demos\ and is ready for
use when you start ReFrag.

Refer to ReFrag.pdf for further information. ReFrag.pdf contains detailed
information about installing and using ReFrag as well as a lot of technical
information. Read it !

The documentation in ReFrag.pdf is also available in .doc format and can be
downloaded from the website http://infreq.vores-web.dk.


Found bugs? Suggestions? General chat? Visit the forum at http://infreq.vores-web.dk

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