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Well when i look at one of the screenshots it reminded me of a MOHAA map which is a good thing because thats what it is :). This is a re-mak...


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Well when i look at one of the screenshots it reminded me of a MOHAA map which is a good thing because thats what it is :). This is a re-make of Remagen from Medal of Honor Allied Assault. The map looks pretty much the same but does not have the same feel:( this is a well made map although its a shame that you cannot get on top of some boxes. The scales are all over the place compared to the original but it can be tricky starting from scratch and remaking a map

I think this is a nice map but is very restricting . But i give it a :thumbsup: Oh and there are 3 Secrets for you to find _______________________________________________________ This map was mad by JIM_BOB7813 who was helped by YHCIR

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	 	õ¿õ	    Remagen		õ¿õ

		extract the PK3 using WINZIP, or WINRAR into your 
		Soldier of fortune II Double Helix\base folder.
		Run the game, and play.
		Authors:	JIM_BOB7813, and YHCIR, who helped make some of the map,
 				did some of the testing and compressed the map into pk3. 
    		E-mail:		jim_bob78456@hotmail.com
		Homepage:	www.freewebs.com/jimbobmaps
		Previous work:	This is my third map for sof2, the first one was Telesniper, 
				and the second was Minimoke.

		Map info:	It is a re-make of Remagen from Medal of Honor allied assault tm. It is NOT or design.
				Our favourite map, 
				so we thought it would be cool to play it in sof2.
				We made this from scratch, not from editing a bsp, 
				and all the textures are from sof2. There are some changes to the map
				this is because i made lots of little mistakes in the scale of the map 
				that caught up with me when i got to the "axis" side of the map, i had to 
				improvise to make up room.
				The map is medium sized, there are 3 routes to each base.

		Gametypes: dm elim tdm ctf ctdm inf cctf gold ktmwtb tktmwtb (not dem)
		Total brushes: 3551
		Total entities: 661
		New sounds: no
		New textures: no
		Compile time: 3 hours 44 mins 41 seconds
		Secrets: 3
		Date: 12th January 2003
		BTW: i know i used the sp loading screen, but it still looks kewl. :)

		Editor used:	GTK Radiant, version 1.2.11
		Compile Machine:AMD Athlon 1.3Ghz, 384Mb RAM, Geforce 2 mx-200 32mb

		And a big thank you to everyone on the marko/pharao forums, who helped us,
		and to Marko for releasing his source files, they helped a lot.

		* Copyright / Permissions *

		All original and composed textures in this level remain property of
		the sources respective owners.

		You may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

		You may distribute this PK3 in any electronic format (BBS, Internet,
		CD, etc) as long as you credit the author. Include all files intact in
		the original archive.

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