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This Utility allows for remote access to SoF2 servers that you have the rcon password to. You can change settings and view the status of y...


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This Utility allows for remote access to SoF2 servers that you have the rcon password to. You can change settings and view the status of your server, and use server messaging. You may also view standard server status without the rcon password.

**Please Note the program does not require Visual Basic 6.0 runtime files, that is only if you do not use the installer provided. **

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		** Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix **
		**       Remote Console Utility        **
		**           by Dan Paulat             **
		**           [Fec]Beefyman             **
		**            Readme.txt               **
		**         Updated: 2/20/02            **

~~ Contents ~~
     1. Installation Notes
     2. Features / Bug Fixes
     3. Download Sites
     4. Use of SoF2 Rcon Util
     5. Bug Reports

1. ~~ Installation Notes ~~

	Standard installation of the application requires only a Pentium
	90MHz or higher, 24MB RAM, and Windows 95/98/ME/NT3.51+/2k/XP.
	If you are running the application without installing, you will
	need SoF2Rcon.exe, Readme.txt, messaging.txt, and sof2rcon.exe.manifest
	in the same folder, along with Visual Basic 6.0 runtime files installed
	previously.  Previous versions should be removed prior to install. I
	hold no responsibility to malfunctions creating an undesired result.
	If you encounter a malfunction, please submit a bug report.

2. ~~ Features / Bug Fixes ~~

	==== 1.01 ====
	Maximize Window
	Minimize to Tray
	Server Messaging
	Server Status Without Password

	Bug Fixes:
	-Fixed Run-time error if IP is

	==== 1.00 ====
	New console
	Save, Open, and Print the console
	Server commands normally accessible via rcon within a server

3. ~~ Download Sites ~~

	The following sites have permission to host this package.
	If you find this package at a site other than mentioned below,
	notify me at [email protected]


4. ~~ Use of SoF2 Rcon Util ~~

	The SoF2 Rcon Util is intended for the sole purpose of allowing
	the management of a remote server for admins. This program does
	not modify the way SoF2 runs in any way, nor is against anything
	in their EULA. All this program does is send, receive, and interpret
	packets sent over the internet. Do not modify this program in any way
	or form. I will prosecute to my full legal ability if I become aware
	of a modified copy of my program.

5. ~~ Bug Reports ~~

	Please send all bug reports to [email protected] including the
	following information:

	- What Operating System you are running under
	- How much RAM you currently have
	- Your processor speed
	- What server and port you queried
	- What you did when the error occurred
	- What error you received
	- What time the error occurred
	- Actual status of the server you tried to connect to (if applicable)
	- Whether or not your rcon password was valid (if applicable)
	- Any other information you deem helpful

	Please DO NOT submit known issues:

	- Sometimes the application may receive packet lines in the incorrect order

-- Dan Paulat -- aka [FeC] Beefyman

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