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Return to Dust is a remake of the popular Dust maps, in this version (I.C.E) AcE has made several alterations to the original. You now have...


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File Description

Return to Dust is a remake of the popular Dust maps, in this version (I.C.E) AcE has made several alterations to the original. You now have a number of ways to get to the enemies base instead of the 2 routes you had before, the flags now have a new position, added are some vehicles and trees, the map is also a little larger than the original, overall a good map to have some fun on. Oh and the annoying roofing has been eliminated from this map also ;)

The map supports dm, tdm, elim, inf, dem, ctf game types and will host 15-20 players. A good addition to your ever growing map collection, and should do well on custom servers, you may even see it on the soffiles servers. Go download it now and see for yourself :)

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Download '' (3.25MB)


File name:

File realease date: 2/11/05

File version: Final

Author: (I.C.E) AcE

Email: [email protected]



Supported gametypes: dm, tdm, elim, inf, dem, ctf

Max / Min players: 15 - 20

Custom textures?: 95%

Custom sounds?: No

Custom Music?: No

Secrets: No

Construction time: Roughly 35 - 40hrs

Editors used: GTK 1.4.0, Photoshop CS

Compile time: 5mins, 

Bugs: Small light leak in a wall i cant get rid of no matter what i do.

File description: 

For ages i have been saying i was going to rebuild mp_dust as the original
version was pants as far as im concerned, Sorry if that sounds harsh to you 
but it's the truth. Anyways i started doing the rebuild loads of times but 
never got very far as i just couldn't be bothered. Well i've finally done 
it, In this version i've expanded the map with 2 new areas & a few new routes 
added a few models etc. If you dont like dust conversions then you wont 
like this but you might. When you come across a blue orb no it doesn't do 
anything it's just an ornemental space filler.

NOTE: Before you start bitching, This was a decompiled mp_dust. The reason
it was decompiled is the original CS dust conversion stated the radiant source
file was included with the .pk3 it wasn't. If you have a problem with this map
being rebuilt from a decompiled map then contact an admin to have the file
removed. DONT contact me regarding how to decompile as i wont tell you :).

All the (I.C.E) members and friends that tested the map & commented etc

Leathal Banana

For your comments etc regarding my topic on GF 
eventhough merrick you put me into a state of 
confusion lol, It's much appreciated, 


You may NOT distribute this pk3 for profit. You may NOT make any changes to this file without 
strict permission from the author.

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