Ringo Dingo Mod

Mod making weapons in MP the same as in SP :)


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Mod making weapons in MP the same as in SP :)

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Download 'ringo-dingo-v1.zip' (6KB)

Ringo Dingo V1 Mod


This is a mod that makes every weapon in multiplayer the same as single player (nearly see known issues), this makes for a much more realistic experiance. Also reduced the amount of grenades you get with the grenade launcher to 3 (so no more spamming).


Put the .pk3 file in your base directory.


Simply delete the file and it will return everything to normal.

Known issues:

I copyed the values from SP indentically for MP but the cross hair doesn't get as big when your shooting constantly as it does in SP, so infact this makes the guns more accurate than SP, the code for SP and MP must be slightly different.  If anyone knows how i can implement this then please contact me, thanks.

Email me: me@krisquigley.co.uk


For free quality music goto: www.krisquigley.co.uk

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