RMS Titanic

Ever fancied a game of SoF2 onboard the famouse Titanic? Well now you can. When I noticed this map in our inbox I was excited on the pros...


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Ever fancied a game of SoF2 onboard the famouse Titanic? Well now you can.

When I noticed this map in our inbox I was excited on the prospect of testing this map out, the screenshot looked well impressive. However I was a little dissapointed when I did test it. The layout and the copy to detail of the ship is spot on, however the FPS were terrible and I can't see how this map will be any good with a large amount of players. There was something missing texture wise as well, perhaps some more custom textures would of helped, also adding a shader to the deck texture so it sounded like wood, would of helped.

Overall the idea is brilliant and well exectuted, but I feel this will not be of use to play on?

The map supports: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Demolition, Elimination and Infilitration. Players 12-20.

Its worth a download and test, see what you think about the map and leave some feedback.

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                    I M P O R T A N T   ! ! ! 

   I will include the .map file, so any of you (experienced) mappers can "clean up"
                      the mistakes I've made in developping this great map.


Map Title                : RMS_Titanic
Map Version           : Developped with GtkRadiant 1.4.0
Author                    : Dustin
E-mail                    : gerd.hofman@skynet.be


Game                     : Soldier Of Fortune 2 - Double Helix

Supported Gametype       : Multiplayer
                         	               : Deathmatch
                                    	  : Team Deathmatch
                     	              : Capture the Flag
                       		  : Demolition
                       		  : Elimination
                       		  : Infilitration

Problems : 
	- the flags and briefcase are not visible (euhm... what happened there?)
	- The ladders from the water do not work.
	- maybe insert some more crates and/or obstacles.

Map Size                 : 12-20 : Large Map


Contents of this Package :

     The RMS_Titanic with extreme detail of the original ship that sunk in 1912.
     I would like to dedicate this map to all who have parrished in the Titanic-disaster.


Installation Instructions:

     Extract the .pk3-file directly into your \base folder in your Sof2 directory.


Construction Time        : 12 weeks

Custom Content           : none


Credit to Other Authors  :

     You can give me a little credit for developping the map.
     I would like a copy of the finished file PLZ !!


Special Thanks           : To me.


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