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http://rocmod.rocclan.com Created by -]Roc[- Arrnor

-]RoC[- Server IP (East): -]RoC[- Server IP (West):

ABOUT ROCmod is a fairly new admin mod for SOF2. It is similar to existing mods such as OSP and Sneaky, but the intent in creating ROCmod was to take the best features from all admin mods and combine them into a single "ultimate admin" mod, with many new features thrown in as well. ROCmod is well on its way to achieving this goal, and already contains an impressive list of features and options for both server admins and players.

Development is progressing quickly so keep an eye on our website for updates! http://rocmod.rocclan.com For questions or support, visit our forum: http://rocmod.rocclan.com/forum/

INSTALLATION Installation for Servers: 1. Download the RoCMOD.zip either from http://rocmod.rocclan.com or http://www.sof2files.com 2. Unzip the entire contents to your server's SOF2 folder (this will create a "rocmod" folder within the SOF2 folder) 3. Add +set fs_game rocmod to your command line 4. Run your server!

Installation for Clients: 1. Connect to a ROCMOD server and have Autodownloading ON 2. OR go to http://rocmod.rocclan.com and Download the client files and place them in a folder you create in your SOF2 Folder named "rocmod" without the quotes.

Obviously the easier way is to just connect to a server running the RocMod.

HISTORY For a complete list of changes and additions in this release (too much to list here), please see the history.txt file.

THANKS Thanks go out to the following people/groups:

Orange Smoothie Productions, Sneaky Nordic, PSYCHO MOD - For creating the best admin mods out there, and giving me the inspiration to do it even better. -]RoC[- General Disorder - For beta testing and overwhelming excitement about the project -]Reign of Chaos[- Clan - For beta testing the first versions of the mod, and generally just being a great bunch of guys. ROC RULES!! Teal'C and the [Made] Clan - For helping test the mod, and providing great feedback and ideas Milker - For bugging the hell out of me to get features added and released on a regular basis

Oh, I promised -]RoC[- MuthrFKR I'd include this in the readme. CACKSUCccA!



Although bots are enabled in ROCmod, they are unsupported, buggy, and are
known to occasionally cause the server to crash. It is not recommended
that you use them on public servers or for any length of time.

ROCmod is a multiplayer mod, and it is unlikely the bots will be overhauled
to make them playable. There are entire mods dedicated to bots, and it
would be a huge undertaking.

To use the bots, you will need botfiles and botroutes folders from another
mod such as Mandown or Goldrush. Put these folders in your rocmod folder.

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