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Having problems running or setting up a rocmod server? Try this :)


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Having problems running or setting up a rocmod server? Try this :)

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I understand that many people love using RoC Mod, I do too!
Sometimes RoC Mod can be a ***** to setup. I have put together
this little package to help you with your quest to having your
own RoC Mod server for SOF2. Please read along and take your
time. With a few quick steps you should be on your way. 

1. Unzip this package ( into your 
   Soldier of Fortune folder (usually C:\Program Files\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix\)

2. You will see this created a folder in that directory called rocmod.
   In this folder you will find the 3 important files. server.cfg, 
   server_roc.cfg, and mapcycle.mapcycle. Now you will have to do a 
   little bit of work on these files to set up the server for your liking.
   I will just give you the basics.

3. Open server.cfg with your notepad. You will see I placed some insert tabs
   &quot;<insert>&quot; in the fields I want you to change. So I will make you an example.

   seta sv_hostname &quot;<insert>&quot; 
   seta sv_hostname &quot;[DvS] CTF RD&quot; This would make your game name &quot;[DvS] CTF RD&quot;

   So now I have shown you what to do change all the &quot;<insert>&quot; tabs in server.cfg
   and server_roc.cfg than come back for step 4.

4. Okay so we pretty much have you started here. If you want to change your maps
   open up the mapcycle.mapcycle with your notepad. where i have placed the <map>
   tab, I want you to put your maps in there. for example.

   Command &quot;map <map>;set g_gravity 800&quot;
   Command &quot;map mp_shop2;set g_gravity 800&quot;

   So do that for the 6 maps I put for you and save the file.

5. Now I have placed a icon in the folder for you, but depending on where you installed
   SOF2 it should work. I have the target set up for (C:\Program Files\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix\)
   If you installed SOF2 in a different location you can just change the target location to where 
   your SOF2MP.exe is located.

6. OK so your done. Double click the icon and enjoy.


Any questions or suggest can be mailed to me at

I'd like to thank the rocmod team for making such a great mod....werd!

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