Rocmod 2.1 C Swarm (Client)



Well, this is a nice altered version of the popular Rocmod. I'll quote the author, since he can explain much better what this altered version will do than me ;) These are the Client Files. For the server files, click HERE

This is a (very slightly) altered version of ROCmod 2.1c. To keep it distinct from -]RoC[- Arrnor's work, and to avoid complications from conflicting client versions (just in case), I've given it a different mod folder and version name. It is being released with -]RoC[- Arrnor's knowledge and permission under the terms of the ROCmod 2.1c source release.

Version: ROCmod 2.1c-swarm Mod Folder: /rocmod-swarm/

The ROCmod portions of the code function exactly the same as the released 2.1c, but I've also added the ability for the server to run the NadeSwarm! and Kill the Man with the Ball gametypes. Both are fast-paced, lighthearted gametypes that serve well as "tension breaker" rounds every few maps or so. Each also comes with a number of cvars that can be customized to suit your preferences.

In NadeSwarm! (gametype "swarm"), players are each given a grenade which they may arm, but not throw, effectively turning every player into a walking bomb. The first one to detonate themselves at the start of the round becomes the Gunrunner, who gets a gun (type based on a server cvar, customizable for the size of game you expect), and must then fend off the rest of the players, all looking to blow him up. The player whose grenade finally does in the Gunrunner becomes the next Gunrunner. NadeSwarm is playable on ANY map that supports Deathmatch, and is particularly fun on the included dm-enabled mp_barn map. (If the gameplay sounds familiar, it's because I've changed the original names so that they're more accessible, and less likely to offend in these sensitive times. It's a concession to political correctness, but the gameplay is still just as fun.)

In Kill the Man with the Ball and its Team variant (gametypes "ktmwtb" and "tktmwtb"), also known in-game as "Scramble" and "Team Scramble", there is Ball placed on the map. The objective is simple: grab the ball and hold it. Think of it as Deathmatch with an Objective. The gameplay is similar to "Smear the Queer", but is much more robust, and is backed with a host of cvars to customize play to your preferences. In addition, ROCmod 2.1c-swarm enables radar for these modes, which significantly enhances the fun factor. (In addition, during these modes items out of radar range are drawn on the radar perifery, so you can still tell which direction to go.) Scramble and Team Scramble require a map supporting ktmwtb or tktmwtb, though I recommend the ktmwtb Stock Map Pack, which includes a number of stock Raven maps recompiled to support Scramble and Team Scramble.

All other gametypes and ROCmod features function as before.


Keep in mind, this is NOT an official Rocmod release!



	Extract the three pk3 files in this zip to your SoF2 /rocmod-swarm/ directory.
	Do not put them in your SoF2 /base/ directory.

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