Rocmod 2.1 C Swarm Server



Well, this is a nice altered version of the popular Rocmod. I'll quote the author, since he can explain much better what this altered version will do than me ;) These are the ServerFiles. For the client files, click HERE

This is a (very slightly) altered version of ROCmod 2.1c. To keep it distinct from -]RoC[- Arrnor's work, and to avoid complications from conflicting client versions (just in case), I've given it a different mod folder and version name. It is being released with -]RoC[- Arrnor's knowledge and permission under the terms of the ROCmod 2.1c source release.

Version: ROCmod 2.1c-swarm Mod Folder: /rocmod-swarm/

The ROCmod portions of the code function exactly the same as the released 2.1c, but I've also added the ability for the server to run the NadeSwarm! and Kill the Man with the Ball gametypes. Both are fast-paced, lighthearted gametypes that serve well as "tension breaker" rounds every few maps or so. Each also comes with a number of cvars that can be customized to suit your preferences.

In NadeSwarm! (gametype "swarm"), players are each given a grenade which they may arm, but not throw, effectively turning every player into a walking bomb. The first one to detonate themselves at the start of the round becomes the Gunrunner, who gets a gun (type based on a server cvar, customizable for the size of game you expect), and must then fend off the rest of the players, all looking to blow him up. The player whose grenade finally does in the Gunrunner becomes the next Gunrunner. NadeSwarm is playable on ANY map that supports Deathmatch, and is particularly fun on the included dm-enabled mp_barn map. (If the gameplay sounds familiar, it's because I've changed the original names so that they're more accessible, and less likely to offend in these sensitive times. It's a concession to political correctness, but the gameplay is still just as fun.)

In Kill the Man with the Ball and its Team variant (gametypes "ktmwtb" and "tktmwtb"), also known in-game as "Scramble" and "Team Scramble", there is Ball placed on the map. The objective is simple: grab the ball and hold it. Think of it as Deathmatch with an Objective. The gameplay is similar to "Smear the Queer", but is much more robust, and is backed with a host of cvars to customize play to your preferences. In addition, ROCmod 2.1c-swarm enables radar for these modes, which significantly enhances the fun factor. (In addition, during these modes items out of radar range are drawn on the radar perifery, so you can still tell which direction to go.) Scramble and Team Scramble require a map supporting ktmwtb or tktmwtb, though I recommend the ktmwtb Stock Map Pack, which includes a number of stock Raven maps recompiled to support Scramble and Team Scramble.

All other gametypes and ROCmod features function as before.


Keep in ind, this is NOT an official Rocmod release!



ROCmod 2.1c-swarm

The only difference between 2.1c and 2.1c-swarm is the addition of NadeSwarm! and
ktmwtb gametype code by ReverendTed.
[email protected]
This is a beta release, in that I'm pretty sure it works, but I haven't tested everything.
More information on NadeSwarm! can be found in the /docs/ subfolder.
-January 29th, 2006

Created by -]Roc[- Arrnor

-]RoC[- Server IP:

About ROCmod
ROCmod is an admin mod for SOF2. It is similar to existing mods such as OSP
and Sneaky, but the intent in creating ROCmod was to take the best features
from all admin mods and combine them into a single "ultimate admin" mod, with
many additional features thrown in as well. ROCmod is well on its way to
achieving this goal, and already contains an impressive list of features and
options for both server admins and players.

ROCmod is not a weapon mod, and should not be mistaken as one. ROCmod does not
modify the weapons and damage properties of weapons within SOF2. Servers are
free to use (or not use) any damage configuration they wish with ROCmod.

ROCmod includes the following features:

- All mod features can be configured
- Both client/server and server-only modes
- Admin users, with a huge set of commands available
- Sysop "super admin" users, with many admin management features such
  as sysop immunity and detailed admin command restrictions
- Referee users, temporary admins with limited powers
- Clan members, with special scrim management commands
- Client-side admin control center
- Many admin punishment commands and settings
- Team management commands for shuffling, swapping, and evening teams
- Many scrim features such as team/spec locking and admin suspending
- Match mode, for quickly organizing scrims and matches in a predictable
  and fair environment
- Match moderators, to safely referee matches and scrims
- Configurable admin rcon access
- Anonymous admin options
- Penalty box, with automatic punishment for team killing, spawn killing,
  and flag stealing
- Fully customizable voice commands, with over 80 included standard
- Many customizable gameplay notifications, such as headshots
- Admin-only voice commands
- Persistent player text tokens
- Colored names
- Detailed kill info
- Fast chat shortcuts, to use admin/referee/clan chat without having to drop
  the console
- A completely redesigned game HUD and scoreboard
- Ability to view teammate health/armor/weapon info, as well as a team overlay
  for an overview of teammate locations and status
- On-screen spectator list, to see non-admin players spectating you
- In-game MOTD
- Server messaging system
- New player greetings
- A large number of intermission player stats with scores and medals
- Killing sprees
- Detailed logging of gametypes and admin usage
- Server-side client mod verification
- Custom server logo on loading screen
- Player list to show client id, ip, and rate
- Explosion gore
- Minimum rate settings to kick laggers
- Anti-camping punishment
- Player cvar checking
- Auto-demo recording and auto-screenshot options
- Fully customizable team names and team colors
- Vote management settings and commands to prevent spamming
- Player reconnect tracking
- Bad word chat filter
- Player tagging, to execute admin commands on multiple players at once
- Classic CTF gametype
- Smear The Queer gametype
- Female team models
- Several security fixes to prevent server exploits
- Built-in customizable file scanner for modified file and skin detection
- Plus a multitude of additional tweaks and additions! See the included
  reference docs for details

Keep an eye on our website for updates!
For questions, support, suggestions or comments, visit the ROCmod forum:

Installation for Servers:  
1.  Download the ROCmod server zip either from http://rocmod.rocclan.com or
2.  Unzip the entire contents to your server's SOF2 folder (this will create
    a "rocmod-jihad" folder within the SOF2 folder)
3.  Add +set fs_game rocmod-jihad to your command line (startup script or batch file)
4.  Run your server!

Installation for Clients:
1. Connect to a ROCMOD server and have Autodownloading ON
2. OR go to http://rocmod.rocclan.com and Download the client files and place
   them in a folder you create in your SOF2 Folder named "rocmod-jihad" without the

Obviously the easier way is to just connect to a server running the RocMod.

For a complete list of changes and additions in this release (too many to list
here), please see the history.txt file.

Thanks go out to the following people/groups:

Orange Smoothie Productions, Sneaky Nordic, PSYCHO MOD
 - For creating the best admin mods out there, and giving me the inspiration
   to do it even better.
-]RoC[- General Disorder
 - For early beta testing and overwhelming excitement about the project
-]Reign of Chaos[- Clan
 - For beta testing the first versions of the mod, and generally just being
   a great bunch of guys. ROC RULES!!
Teal'C and the [Made] Clan
 - For helping test the mod, and providing great feedback and ideas
 - For bugging the hell out of me to get features added and released
   on a regular basis
Dr. Pimp
 - For helping write and test parts of the mod I had little interest in :)
The whole SOF2 community
 - For being very enthusiastic and supportive of ROCmod, and helping it grow

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