RoCmod V8 2.0b Cient Side



Client side files for RoCmod 2.0b Mod based on RoCmod 2.1c with graphics and code modifications. Also included Weapon mod with weapons from XS mod 7.



RoCmod_V8 2.0b  -  Client Files

Based on RoCmod 2.1c


This file contains RoCmod_V8 2.0b Client side.

What's new?

* Register of clan members to allow join server;
* Resize of loading display info;
* Weapon icons;
* Team Icons;
* Muzzle flashes;
* USAS12, RPG7 and MM1 - defined by secondary outfitting group;
* SIG-552 (assault rifle) - added as new primary weapon;
* M16A2 (assault rifle)  - added as new primary weapon;
* FAMAS (assault rifle)  - added as new primary weapon;
* F1 (frag granade) added;
* L2A2 (frag granade) added;
* M67 (frag granade) added;
* Silenced US SOCOM replacing Silver Talon;
* Right Hand added for some old weapons;
* Snipers zoomed don't rezoom itself automatic after reload;
* Sniper Crosshair (Server Cvar);
* Next Map information in the 'about' menu;
* Some HUD Modifications;
* New Gametype from Goldrush (Classic Team Deathmatch).


* Backpack;
* M4/203;
* Flags;
* Sniper Scope


Unzip this file in your SoF2 folder (root not in the base)


With some experience modding games and mapping and modding SoF2, I really feel that
some little modifications was necessary, I was tired of the same things in the my most
played game, I did a little mod few months ago, but with the ~XS|clan work I saw some
possibilities to make this game more entertaining.
I really like the SoF2 simplicity, so I don't like exaggerated mods, in this game only
a little bit of changes is more than the necessary to increase the game fun.
All model taking from ~XS|mod 7 was with some little problems, so i started a tiresome
work to fix this. I make some models lighter and fully funcional, but some things still
are not perfect, but i think this new features can make a good game again!
Some new skins was added on this mod, and some new sounds too.

About 3 new frag grenades and a silenced socom replacing the original Silver Talon, 
I think this will increase the game strategy, frag possibilities and fun!
I didn't want to post this mod, but why no? I thought better and here is! The Hard work
was not mine, was from the people that make the tools that I used, I just repaired and
I gathered with my work.

Thanks everbody...

** If you found a bug, please report to <[email protected]>.


RoCmod 2.1c: -]Roc[- Arrnor

Programming, Setup and Graphics Design by Douglas Giovany - FasttV8

Sound Modeling by Douglas Giovany - FasttV8


M16a2   -  ~XS|clan Cyber and MADMAN;
SIG 552 -  ~XS|clan Cyber and MADMAN;
FAMAS   -  ~XS|clan Cyber and MADMAN;
GALIL   -  ~XS|clan Cyber and MADMAN;
MP5     -  ~XS|clan Cyber and MADMAN;
KNIFE   -  ~XS|clan Cyber and MADMAN;

* All this models was fixed in 3dsmax for insertion of dummies and bones, also
  resized and modified for a better visual and FPS result.
  All Fully Functional models (Reload clip, muzzle flashes and ejection).

Classic Team Deathmatch - gametype by Goldrush

Special thanks to:

* -]Roc[- Arrnor for releasing the ROCmod mod source code;
* ~XS| Cyberborg;
* ~XS| The One;
* Code3arena - PlanetQuake;
* Sof2-moddingcenter.com;
* Raven Software;
* Modsonline.com;
* SOF2files.com;
* All developers that remaining your work as open source; 
* All my friends and SOFII players around the world;

* Brazilian Players (tests and new ideas):

  WhiteSnake CAP; UMFPT Mamute; MAFIA In7; Abramo BR; Duende <EX>; CO2 HardFlip;
  Gilberto BR; MAFIA Tatoo; MAFIA Floyd; CO2 Cap Felix; FTE Grande and UMFPT Soldado. 

    *** From Community to Community ***

Softwares Used:

* 3ds Max 5.0 and 8.0;
* Adobe Photoshop CS;
* Adobe Audition 1.5;
* Soundforge 6;
* SOF2SDK pack;
* Hexeditor;
* Filzip 3.06;
* DBPowerAmp;
* Notepad ++;

* Warning *

The author of this modification accepts no responsibility for damage to data, 
or physical damage to hardware, caused by the appropriate or inappropriate use 
of this modification.
	Douglas Giovany - [email protected] (e-mail and MSN-messenger)



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