RoCmod_V8 2.0b Server Side



A New Mod for Soldier of Fortune 2 Gold edition. This mod is based on RoCmod 2.1c and have a bit of graphics and code modifications, also with new weapons from XS mod 7 added!



RoCmod_V8 2.0b  -  Server Files

Based on RoCmod 2.1c


This file contains RoCmod_V8 2.0b server files and pre setup server with some examples.
See the docs folder for more information about this mod features.

What's new?

* Register of clan members to allow join server;
* Resize of loading display info;
* Weapon icons;
* Team Icons;
* Muzzle flashes;
* USAS12, RPG7 and MM1 - defined by secondary outfitting group;
* SIG-552 (assault rifle) - added as new primary weapon;
* M16A2 (assault rifle)  - added as new primary weapon;
* FAMAS (assault rifle)  - added as new primary weapon;
* F1 (frag granade) added;
* L2A2 (frag granade) added;
* M67 (frag granade) added;
* Silenced US SOCOM replacing Silver Talon;
* Right Hand added for some old weapons;
* Snipers zoomed don't rezoom itself automatic after reload;
* Sniper Crosshair (Server Cvar);
* Next Map information in the 'about' menu;
* Some HUD Modifications;
* New Gametype from Goldrush (Classic Team Deathmatch).


* Backpack;
* M4/203;
* Flags;
* Sniper Scope


	default: "0"
	desc: If sets, only players in clan.cgf file can join the server.

g_registerWarning ""
	default: "You are not registered"
	desc: Message to player kicked by 'g_registerClan' function.

g_aboutnextMap ""
	default: "Not Specified"
	desc: Message to 'about' menu with next map description, you can configure
	      it in your .mapcycle file in every map cvars list. 


set disable_pickup_weapon_SIG552
set disable_pickup_weapon_M16
set disable_pickup_weapon_FAMAS
set disable_pickup_weapon_GALIL
set disable_pickup_weapon_F1
set disable_pickup_weapon_L2A2
set disable_pickup_weapon_M67
set disable_pickup_weapon_SILSOCOM

	default: "0"
	desc: if sets, you can't use weapon in server


cg_sniperCrosshair ""
	default: "1" disabed
	desc: Enable crosshair in the sniper rifle if set like no-realistic in server
              side config. 


Unzip this file in your SoF2 folder (root not in the base)


With some experience modding games and mapping and modding SoF2, I really feel that
some little modifications was necessary, I was tired of the same things in the my most
played game, I did a little mod few months ago, but with the ~XS|clan work I saw some
possibilities to make this game more entertaining.
I really like the SoF2 simplicity, so I don't like exaggerated mods, in this game only
a little bit of changes is more than the necessary to increase the game fun.
All model taking from ~XS|mod 7 was with some little problems, so i started a tiresome
work to fix this. I make some models lighter and fully funcional, but some things still
are not perfect, but i think this new features can make a good game again!
Some new skins was added on this mod, and some new sounds too.

About 3 new frag grenades and a silenced socom replacing the original Silver Talon, 
I think this will increase the game strategy, frag possibilities and fun!
I didn't want to post this mod, but why no? I thought better and here is! The Hard work
was not mine, was from the people that make the tools that I used, I just repaired and
I gathered with my work.

Thanks everbody...

** If you found a bug, please report to <[email protected]>.


RoCmod 2.1c: -]Roc[- Arrnor

Programming, Setup and Graphics Design by Douglas Giovany - FasttV8

Sound Modeling by Douglas Giovany - FasttV8


M16a2   -  ~XS|clan Cyber and MADMAN;
SIG 552 -  ~XS|clan Cyber and MADMAN;
FAMAS   -  ~XS|clan Cyber and MADMAN;
GALIL   -  ~XS|clan Cyber and MADMAN;
MP5     -  ~XS|clan Cyber and MADMAN;
KNIFE   -  ~XS|clan Cyber and MADMAN;

* All this models was fixed in 3dsmax for insertion of dummies and bones, also
  resized and modified for a better visual and FPS result.
  All Fully Functional models (Reload clip, muzzle flashes and ejection).

Classic Team Deathmatch - gametype by Goldrush

Special thanks to:

* -]Roc[- Arrnor for releasing the ROCmod mod source code;
* ~XS| Cyberborg;
* ~XS| The One;
* Code3arena - PlanetQuake;
* Sof2-moddingcenter.com;
* Raven Software;
* Modsonline.com;
* SOF2files.com;
* All developers that remaining your work as open source; 
* All my friends and SOFII players around the world;

* Brazilian Players (tests and new ideas):

  WhiteSnake CAP; UMFPT Mamute; MAFIA In7; Abramo BR; Duende <EX>; CO2 HardFlip;
  Gilberto BR; MAFIA Tatoo; MAFIA Floyd; CO2 Cap Felix; FTE Grande and UMFPT Soldado. 

    *** From Community to Community ***

Softwares Used:

* 3ds Max 5.0 and 8.0;
* Adobe Photoshop CS;
* Adobe Audition 1.5;
* Soundforge 6;
* SOF2SDK pack;
* Hexeditor;
* Filzip 3.06;
* DBPowerAmp;
* Notepad ++;

* Warning *

The author of this modification accepts no responsibility for damage to data, 
or physical damage to hardware, caused by the appropriate or inappropriate use 
of this modification.
	Douglas Giovany - [email protected] (e-mail and MSN-messenger)



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