School Girl Skin



A nice skin using diffrent lighting effects. Try this one out and give the developer some feedback



Title : School Girl Skin
Description : A girl in a Japanese school uniform
Release Date: 10/06/2007
Version : Final
FileName : zsg.pk3
Author : Fragger


Extract zsg.pk3 to your SoF2 MP folder


Q: I can't see the skin in game, but I can select it from the menu!!!
A: The server you're joining has to have the skin too.

Q: What's the meaning of life?
A: We were bred by a race of super-intelligent worms as food.


Raven Software
Hours and hours of anime
Panda Express

What's different?

This set of textures looks different because of the specular lighting. Most skins look dull because they only use a diffuse texture. New game use specular textures to make the textures look more realistic. Some abuse them and make the models look like plastic, but in SOF2 they look a lot better. Most of the weapons use these kind of textures already, that's why they look good. Using specular uses a bit more memory, but models look more realistic than when they use that over-used "chrome" effect (environment map). Also, they don't glow through fog. This skin looks shinier in bright light, but only in some areas. If you have seen my Dark AK, you'll notice that it looks very shiny, but it doesnt use a "chrome" effect. It uses a specular texture just like this skin. I'd like to create specular textures for all the stock models, but that would be a lot of work. Who knows, maybe I could do it little by little, or start a "mod" and get a team of skinners. Maybe I will.


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