Secret House

house.zip —


This is a nice little house prefab good for first time mappers to see how some basic things are made, But the prefab has a few small problems in it such as the teleporter is not linked up right, a few of the textures need to be adjusted and you will have to make a way into the hidden room before using this house in a map

This house prefab is basic and can be used to help with mapping, such as learning how to make a door open, ladder, teleporter or how to place a CTF flag.



Alright so.... This is a house prefab :P it is basicly a openable door, with a red flag
and a hidden room with a ladder to a teleporter for quick hidden escape. :P This can be
used in a map with out my permission :P or can be used to help with mapping i.e learnin
how to make openable doors make teleporters or hidden rooms :P


You can't really install it o.O just put it into a random folder and import it into SDK
or GTK and there you go

You must have UK Prague installed because of the textures used!!!!!!!!!!

Special thanks to 

<<UK>> Slavo - for making Uk Prague to take textures from ;) :P
{CWA}Goreman - for making this file?? :P
***NEW*** - Because I feel like it... Oh I know for helping me recover my files back ;)


I dont care what you do with it ;)

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