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After a very long time in the SoF2 community and after uploading numerous maps to our own Sir Paul made his first map! I feel...


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After a very long time in the SoF2 community and after uploading numerous maps to our own Sir Paul made his first map! I feel honered to review this map and I will do my best ;)

Ok, the map is based on the area in which Sir Paul lives and he tried to stick as much to the reality. The map contains many buildings and all buildings are accesable so you can hide and sneak into a corner of a building ;) Sir Paul also put his own house in the map, the one with the porch infront of the house is Sir Paul's house. Paul also made good use of models, there're plenty of them in the map! The FPS is good enough too, so you won't get any lag in this map. If you put the gravity a bit lower, you can acces the roofs too.

The map is mediumsized and about 6 players or more should be fun :) There's only one negative thing I have to say. In some houses it's very dark. But I really can't blame Paul, because the lightning is very hard to do.

There's only one thing I wonder.. Is this really his first map? Because the map doesn't look like it :P It's really worth to download and to add to your mapcycle. Have fun!

Supported Gametypes: DM, TDM, ELIM, CTF and INF Maximum Players: 30

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Download '' (1.63MB)


Map name:Tower Rd

File realease date:03.12.05

File version:

Author:Sir Paul

Email:[email protected]


Supported gametypes:Dm,Tdm,Ctf,Elim,Infi

Max / Min players:2-30

Custom textures?:No

Custom sounds?:No

Custom Music?:No

Secrets: None

Construction time:About 4 weeks

Editors used:GtkRadiant-1.4.0.

Compile time:5 mins

Bugs:None that I know of

File description:This is my first attempt at making a map for SoF2.
The map is an accurate representation of the area where i live. My house is the one with the porch on the front. Access is also available to the buildings either side of my house and over the other side of the road.

Hope you enjoy running around my street. Any suggestions are more than welcome.


I would like to thank the following people for their help in making this map:

LeTHaL BaNaNa for his help on the forums and his gametype prefabs :)

}-=AcE=-{ again for help on the forums, his very good tutorials and countless help and advise via MSN :)

CARNUFEX for his help from the forums :)

ik_chronic for his help from the forums :)

Memorex for testing my map and helping via MSN thank you :)

Modsonline for their tutorials

LittleCaesar for his prefabs

And anyone else I may have missed.


You may NOT distribute this pk3 for profit.
You may NOT make any changes to this file without strict permission from the author.

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