SM Kam2 Textures



This file contains some new textures for Kam2, place the pk3 in your mp folder and away you go.

Kam2 now has a different look, gone is the snow and concrete walls, replaced by brick and grass. Go give it a try and see what you think.



I got bored with the whole snow look of kam2 so i desided to create a new look
go ahead and look around kam2 to find many new textures that gives it a hot new look.
being the leader of ShadowMarshalls (SM) Clan there r a few clan designs in here
but they add to the high detail of the map. ive tested on a few people and this design 
has a huge impact on your first view lol.

for Installation just basic place into your base/mp folder and then load kam2 that easy.

Designed by SM Puls3 LDR

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