Snake Plus Crosshair

Another crosshair from -=F4F=-SNAKE*MA* :p


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Another crosshair from -=F4F=-SNAKE*MA* :p

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	SOF2 Crosshair / SnakePlusCrosshair
	Developer -=F4F=-SNAKE*MA*
	Buildtime 10 mins
	SIZE 46.5 KB 
	this is a plus sign crosshair

	-=F4F=-SNAKE*MA*'s crosshair script 

	place snakeplus.cfg into your BASE/MP folder
	to activate this crosshair go into any  server and type 
	exec snakeplus into the console, hope it helps you as much as it did me!
	This is for people who dont know how or are to lazy to change edit the crosshair 
	themselves, it is a dot crosshair that doesnt grow and is perfectly centered

	Have fun and happy fragging!

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