SoF 2 Log Analyser



This is actually for SOF2. It's a log analyzer for server stats. Just a modifcation of Quake 3 Log Analyzer which can be found at www.planetquake.com/idda/ . The maker have the results from his server for last week up at: http://www.drunkensoldiers.com/serverstats/players.htm

All the weapons that I could find are in the MP test are in it, including the flash and smoke grenades (believe it or not you can actually kill a very weak person with those LOL). Hopefully the full version will have the same things, if not its back to work for me LOL. well anyway execution is real simple. just place it in your mp directory and in a dos windowSOF2LA Games.log and it will create the files right there. Hope you will post it.

John Stanton

Have fun with it :beer:


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