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Updated in 1.0.3: - Minimize is now: CTRL+Z (so you can type a capital Z without minimizing :D) - Maximize is now: CTRL+SHIFT+Z

I'm sure a lot of you are frustrated by the fact that SoF 2 can't be minimized nor alt tabbed nor alt enter (unless you change that cvar for alt enter). Anyways, here's the solution! My Kluptux' Whore House (uhm that's an excellent Demolition server) buddy _187_FuriouS_ sent me this small but kick ass utility!

Written in Visual Studio 6.0, this application allowes you to minimize the main window for Soldier of Fortune 2 Multiplayer by simply pressing "CTRL+Z" during the game to minimize, and "CTRL+SHIFT+Z" to maximize the window back!

All you have to do is run the executable before you launch SoF 2 MP

I´m sure we´ll see a future version that will automatically launch SoF 2 MP after launching this nifty utility?

The only thing that's a pitty about this utility is that when you minimize your windows resolution is set similar to the game, so most people won´t be able to see their start menu button, task bar, system tray etc. but for people organizing matches that need to be in 2 places at the same time (being IRC and SoF 2 for example) this is the solution, no more alt entering and waiting for the vid_restart :D



SoF2_mp Minimizer By _187_FuriouS_
This application allowes you to Minimize the Main Window for Soldier of Fortune II MP.                                                                                                                       
Written in Visual Studio 6.0  By: _187_FuriouS_ - [email protected]

How to use SoF2_mp Minimizer:
This Application Minimizes the main SoF2_mp Window with the use of hotkeys.

-Execute the SoF2mp_min.exe                                                                         

-To Minimize during Gameplay press: (CTRL+Z)
-To Maximize The Window Press (CTRL+SHIFT+Z)

This can also be done by Right Clicking the Application Icon In the System Tray. 

                                  SoF2_mp Minimizer

--Version : 1.0.3
--Release Date : 9/6/2002
--Used Programs : Visual Studio 6.0
--Author : _187_FuriouS_
--Email Address : [email protected]

                             [email protected]

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