SOF2 OSP Client Crash Fix



This fixes a buffer overflow exploit in the OSP mod caused by the vsay_team command.



SOF2 OSP Client Crash Fix - from PHEAR
Also available at: http://sof2.anthonyparise.com
A buffer overflow exploit currently exists in all quake 3 engines. The overflow is caused
by the vsay_team command. An entire team is effected when the exploit occurs, each of their clients crash.
This fix removes the vsay_team command from the console, thereby eliminating
the exploit. The only side effect - radio commands will no longer work. (A small price to pay IMHO)

This zip file contains zippped fixes for the following OSP versions:
*0.3d Beta
*0.3g Beta

Each zip has this folder structure:

* Installation *
Extract the files for the OSP version you need.
Make a backup of your current .qvm file in osp\vm.
Place the modified sof2mp_game.qvm on your server in the osp\vm folder.

That's it - you can test it by trying a radio command.

If you have a different mod or an OSP version not included, please post about it in the comments. I'll do my
best to put out a fix for every mod. Check the website below for the most recent updates.
Also available at: http://sof2.anthonyparise.com

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