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Here's a great tool for creating easily your .pk3 files. Go grab this file.



App: SOF2 PK3 Builder
Ver: v1.0 - LITE (for fast Testing)
Made by: [XC]
Licence: Freeware

- Whats it do?
It create's a PK3 package from your own created maps.
It packs: a screenshot, the BSP file and generate's the ARENA script.

- How does it work?

1. First you select your screenshot file, notice it must be a *.jpg file.

2. Then select your BSP file.

3. Set your map info, PK3 Builder, automaticly uses the BSP filename, but you can change it.
   (map name, map description, game type)

4. Click on "Write arena file" , this builds your script file.

5. Then select a compression level 1~9, so when you want level 5, select "CM5".
   this effects the end results *.pk3 file size. 1 is poor, 9 is good.

6. The click on &quot;Make PK3&quot;, and it create's the PK3 in the workdir, /PK3/<map name>.pk3
   When PK3 builder finds any duplicate's it halts, you can prevent this
   by select the &quot;Delete Duplicate's&quot;

Notice: v2.0 will be support:

 - Texture adding
 - Music adding
 - Save/Open your *.PK3 pack project
 - Shaders adding

Enjoy! _XC_!

For help: [email protected]

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