SoF2 Voice Manager



A neat program that allows you to bind various voice commands to keys on your keyboard. You must use this program on a pure server and in order for your teammates to be able to hear these command, they must also have this program installed.

SOURCE: Planet Soldier




Title: SoF2 Voice Manager
Programmed by Alex Donavon aka {NbK}Seed
Program icon and other images provided by LoKi
Unofficial Program, user developed.  
Made by SoF2 players to be enjoyed by the SoF2 community.


-64 additional radio messages
-Easy-to-use program which lets you use these messages

To use:

Just run the application.  If Sof2 is not installed at the default location you will be asked to locate it manually.  Then "mp_SoF2_VM.pk3" will be copied automatically to your sof2/base/ folder.  That's all!  Apply some radio messages and try them out!  Be sure to spread this around!


Other players on your team will not be able to hear the radio messages unless they have the "mp_SoF2_VM.pk3" file loaded in their sof2/base/ folder.  Also note that the messages will only be heard on "pure" servers if the server has the .pk3 file loaded also.  Hopefully this program and file will be used widely.

Questions/comments/Bug reports to: [email protected]
Be sure to be specific and explain exactly what happened if you find a bug, otherwise I may not be able to fix it.

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