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Vol 2 Already?!??!?!!. The second Official SoF2Files.com Mappack vol2. This Map pack contains 14 of The most popular maps on SoF2Files.com submited befor 11-22-02. This Map pack contains the second installment of final maps for the all gametype catagory, All in 1 PK3 file, All in one download!!.

**NOTE!!!** This file is not recomended for servers that allow downloading, as this file is over 41Mbs



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This is a map pack. A zip file containg a number of maps. 
It has been created for you, so that you dont have to 
download each map separately.

This pack contains 14 maps. Each supports multiple 


Extract the contents of this zip file into your
Solider of Fortune 2 - Double Helix/base folder. 


The maps are the property of their creators. 
SoF2Files.com does not take credit for any of the maps. 
We only hoast them and now have put together this map 

Below are the maps in this pack and their

Map Name				Author
--------				------

HF_Subway				Christopher "HellF1re" Lew
Uber_jungle				Pharao_FS & Marko
Uber_Snow				Pharao_FS & Marko
Moria					[NMC] Obscured
Soloman Blacklace			Solomon <FR> & Warpig58 <FR>
StarShoot				warlord
Stuk's Chemical's, day and night	Melv &quot;Stukatto&quot; Miller
TBC's Peek-A-Boo Party Map		TBC ChainSaw
the house				racerx3165&quot;
middle ages 2a				Pharao_FS
Foxhounds The Rig			Foxhound
UT_November (Final)			[rNe]MidKnight
Valley of Kings (fixed)			Marko
Western  Town 2				Pharao_FS

Each of the maps comes with its own readme file which can
be found in the readme folder. Check out for additional 
info on the creator and the map.

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